Golden Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team 19 Nov – 10 Dec 2015

Golden Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT)
29th November – 10th December 2015
Crime Trends
A quantity of heating oil was stolen from a tank at the rear of a residential property sometime in November.
Incident ref 267-s-021215

Suspicious incidents

An elderly resident of St Weonards, on Hereford Rural South patch, arrived home to her isolated bungalow about 3.45pm on Friday 4th December and noticed two males in a red car pull up outside her house. They asked for directions, then one asked for a drink of water. The males were asked to wait in the hallway while a glass of water was fetched from the kitchen, and the males left shortly afterwards. The resident then reported the incident on 101 and police attended. Nothing appeared to have been stolen so it was seen as a suspicious incident initially.
However, a few days later, the victim went to use her bank card and couldn’t understand why the pin wasn’t recognised. Then it was discovered that the card was not in her name but someone else’s. The bank confirmed that the card she had was a stolen one; one of the males must have swapped the cards over whilst the victim left her bag on the floor in the hall while she was fetching a glass of water. They must have come prepared with several different bank cards, and replaced hers with one from the same bank so nothing would seem to be missing when checking later.
The only description we have of the males is that they were in their 20’s and had a foreign accent, possibly Spanish.
Please bring this to the attention of any elderly or vulnerable members of your family or community.
Incident ref 477-s-041215.

Last Friday morning, 4th December, a resident of Ewyas Harold was coming back from the shop through the church yard and saw a lady sitting in the porch. The lady asked if the church was open and was told it was. (She could have tried the door herself, as she was sitting right outside!) She then said she would like to sell jams at the Church Coffee morning on Saturday, which was advertised on the notice board, and how could she do that? She was then shown the contact number on the notice which she had read, and suggested she rang that number.
Then on Sunday 6th December the very same lady was spotted about 5 yards up the same resident’s drive, taking photos of their house. The lady was described as about 50 with blonde hair – does this ring any bells with anyone?

One of our readers contacted us today with details of another’BT’ scam ……

“I received a phone call this morning supposedly from BT internet department . He said there was a problem and that someone was trying to hack into my IP address. I wasn’t convinced and asked for his name and a phone number that I could verify his identity. He wanted me to open either my laptop or PC and open the Internet and then to type certain letters into the search bar. Needless to say I didn’t do this and told them to phone back later.
I then phone BT who confirmed the employer ID , name and phone number he gave me were bogus and it was a scam call. BT said no employee would ask anyone to go onto their computer if there was an issue with the Internet.
I know there are lots of scams going round but don’t know if this is a new one. The details he gave me are below.
Ricky Smith ( with a Indian/ foreign accent ) Employer ID number– 360DA Phone number he gave to verify his identity — 02032869015 ( this number is bogus ).
He was from the IT department at BT.”

And from another reader, a call allegedly from British Gas
Just wanted to let you know that I got called today from someone pretending that he was from British Gas business and that my electric meter was showing a very high usage and needed resetting to 00000!
I asked who he was and what number I could get him on and he replied his name was Steve Parker and I could check on 0800 496 2277
His number showed as unavailable on my phone and he had an Asian accent, I queried his name and then he put the phone down on me!
I then called British Gas Electricity business who confirmed they would always send a letter for such an action and they didn’t recognise that customer phone number he gave!
They also said that this sort of call can come from call from organisations that have access to data and then can try and get more account details from clients in order to then get the account changed to another provider and get bank account details!!!

I have attached a newsletter about scams from Hertfordshire police which you may find useful

Advice for Householders
If you find yourself with waste which cannot be disposed of through your normal council waste collection service there are a plenty of commercial waste collection companies who can assist you for a fee.
Before engaging anyone, it is a good idea to check with your local council to see if your waste can be collected by them as a special collection (for which a charge may be made) or taken to a local council household waste and recycling centre where it can normally be disposed of for free.
All householders have a legal ‘duty of care’ to ensure that waste is only given to people who are registered waste carriers. It is an offence to fail to make these checks. You could face an unlimited fine if your waste ends up fly-tipped and you cannot show that you took reasonable steps to prevent it.
Whenever you are considering arranging for anyone other than your local council service provider to collect any waste from your household, always follow the SCRAP code:
 Suspect. Beware of rogue waste carriers – reputable companies do not usually make direct approaches. If in any doubt as to whether someone is a legitimate waste carrier, do not allow them to take your waste.
 Check. Ask for their waste carrier registration details, and verify them by checking the online register or by calling 03708 506 506. Note down the registration number of the vehicle used to take your waste away.
 Refuse unsolicited offers to have any rubbish taken away. Always carry out your own research and choose who you wish to approach.
 Ask questions. Always ask what exactly is going to happen to your rubbish and seek evidence that it is going to be disposed of appropriately. A legitimate, professional waste carrier who wants your business should not object to being asked reasonable questions.
 Paperwork. Make sure you get a proper receipt containing the written information for your waste. This should include what has been removed, and where it will be going. Make sure the Company or tradesman’s details are included.

Advice for Businesses
1)You have a legal duty to deal responsibly with any waste your business produces. This is known as your ‘duty of care’.
2)If you give your business’ waste to anyone other than your local council trade waste collection service you must check that they are registered waste carriers. You could face an unlimited fine if your waste ends up fly-tipped and you cannot show that you took reasonable steps to prevent it. Check the public register of waste carriers or call 03708 506 506.
3)If you carry your own waste to a disposal site yourself, make sure that your business is registered as a waste carrier. If you only transport waste you produce yourself then the registration is usually free.
4)You must ensure that you complete and keep the written information relating to all your business’ waste for a period of two years. You must make the documents available for inspection by authorised officers of the council or the Environment Agency when required to dose. Failure to produce the written information when asked by the council or the Environment Agency is an offence, for which a Fixed Penalty Notice of £300 can be issued.
5)Documentation can be electronic or paper in the form of invoices, receipts or other documents, as long as they include the relevant information (specified by Regulation 35(2) of the Waste(England and Wales) 2011 Regulations). Documents may be produced for each load of waste taken, or may be in the form of an annual ‘season ticket’ to cover a regular collection.
6)Ensuring that only registered waste carriers carry waste, and ensuring that all waste is accounted for by documentation, helps to ensure that all w

Advice for Landowners
Land managers, occupiers or owners of private property are responsible for clearing and disposing of any fly-tipping found on private land. Local councils will not normally clear rubbish dumped on private land free of charge but they may investigate such incidents and where appropriate take enforcement action. The Environment Agency investigates the larger (more than a tipper load), organized (linked to criminal business practices), or hazardous (waste over 75L which have the potential to damage the environment) incidents of illegal dumping on public land.
Regardless of whether fly-tipping is found on public or private land you should always report it to the relevant local authority – it may be that the culprit can be found or linked to other incidents
What to do with fly-tipped waste on your land
1)Exercise caution. Some fly-tipped waste can be hazardous. Do not open bags or drums and be aware that piles of soil may be contaminated or hide dangerous material.
2)Record as many details as possible about the waste and when you found it. If possible take photograph of the waste.
3)Report the incident – do not move the waste or remove any evidence from it until the authorities have been notified.
4)Secure the waste so that it cannot be interfered with or added to.
5)Remember that fly-tippers are doing something illegal – they are unlikely to welcome people observing them. Do not put yourself at risk – if fly-tipping is in progress, call 999.
6)When arranging for disposal, ensure that you use a registered waste carrier, as if it is dumped elsewhere you could be held responsible and face an unlimited fine.
7)Ensure that you get documentation which includes the details of the waste and who is taking it away.
8)If you take the waste to a licensed waste site yourself, make sure you are registered as a waste carrier.
9)If the waste is hazardous then make sure that it is being carried and disposed of by those licensed to deal with hazardous waste.
10)Keep full details of your clearance and disposal costs. Successful prosecution can mean that your costs incurred for the removal of the waste can also be recovered.

Protect your land from the illegal dumping of rubbish by:
1)Restricting access to your land by installing gates or physical barriers (strategically placed earthbunds, tree trunks, boulders etc.) to prevent access to the land ideally in keeping with the natural environment. Make sure that when erecting any form of barrier you are not permanently blocking public right of way.
2)Make sure gates are closed and, if possible, locked when not in use.
3)Improving visibility so that fly-tippers are not hidden from view. Fly-tippers prefer to commit their crimes out of sight.
4)Install or improve lighting if possible.
5)Consider placing appropriate deterrent signage and CCTV cameras.
6)Swiftly clear any waste that is dumped to remove any encouragement for others to add to it.

Further information on how to prevent fly-tipping and the Fly-tipping Partnership Framework can be found on the NFTPG website.

National Fly-Tipping Prevention Group

Drink Drive campaign
Please be mindful our drink drive campaign is well under way and just last Saturday night alone 6 people were arrested in Herefordshire for drink driving/drunk in charge and driving whilst under the influence of drugs offences. West Mercia are also carrying out morning checks too, reminding drivers how long it takes for alcohol to leave their system.
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