Minutes of Ordinary Meeting 28th January 2016

Mtg No: 138



Councillors Present: Cllrs John Honey (Chair), Gordon Price, Robert West, James Roberts, Pat Roberts, Brian Goodwin, Frank Davis, Jason Pacey and Mrs Kate Hughes (Clerk)

In attendance: County Cllr David Harlow (arrived late after attending another meeting), David Atkinson (Locality Steward Balfour Beatty [arrived late after attending another meeting]) and 5 members of the public

1. Apologies were received from Cllr Rosey Price, Cllr Bridget Samuel, Terry Griffiths (Lengthsman) and PCSO Lowri Anderson

2. Declaration of interests
2.1. The Chairman Cllr John Honey declared an interest on item 6 on the agenda Neighbourhood Development Plan. This declaration of interest would be with regards to any discussions on future housing development in Harewood End village as he owns land in this village. Cllr Honey signed the declaration of interest book.
2.2. Mrs I Williams, a member of the public, also declared an interest on any future housing development in the village of Llanwarne as she owns land in this village.

3. The minutes from the last meeting on 19th November 2015 were adopted and signed.

4. Open discussion

4.1. West Mercia Police – PCSO Lowri Anderson was unable to attend the meeting. Clerk to put the current police briefing on the website and email to all councillors. Clerk to action

4.2. A brief report from County Councillor David Harlow
4.2.1. County Cllr David Harlow sent the Clerk a Ward Report for the Councillors to be read at the meeting. Clerk to put the report on the website. Clerk to action
4.2.2. Cllr Harlow confirmed that the planning application 121791 for Oaklands Caravan Site has been granted approval back in June 2015.

4.3. A brief report from Locality Steward Balfour Beatty, Dave Atkinson
4.3.1. Dave reported that with all this weather potholes on roads were becoming an issue. He asked the Parish Council to report any potholes either via the Clerk or via the Herefordshire Council website – search for “Report a pothole”. Emergency potholes are being filled in within 24hrs.
4.3.2. Ditches are becoming an issue and Dave stressed that they are the responsibility of the landowner.

4.4. Views received from residents
4.4.1. Speeding reduction signs for Llanwarne village Residents raised the issue of speeding traffic through the village of Llanwarne and how dangerous it was for residents. They asked what could be done about it. The Council AGREED to write a letter to Herefordshire Council highlighting the issue of speeding through the village of Llanwarne. Cllr J Pacey offered to draft a letter for Clerk to send. Cllr J Pacey and Clerk to action The Council AGREED for a Working Group to be set up to look into signage and any other speed reduction options in the village of Llanwarne. The Working Group will consist of Cllrs R West, J Pacey and the Clerk. Clerk to speak to Dave Atkinson about the current signage options she has received quotes for so that he can check they meet the highway regulations. Clerk to action Dave Atkinson suggested to the Council that they might consider looking into a Speed Indicator Device (SIDs) as a speed reduction option. The Council AGREED to look at the quotes that Dave had obtained. Clerk to forward quotes to Councillors. Clerk to action
4.4.2. Heart Defibrillator The Clerk reported that the funding for the British Heart Foundation Defibrillator via Herefordshire Heartstart has now been closed as the funding has run out for this financial year. Funding should be available in the new financial year in April 2016. Suggested that those interested should register their interest on the website. The Council AGREED to register their interest. Clerk to action
4.4.3. Bus Service No 33 and reduction to timetable A notice of the impact to the Bus Service No 33 has been put on the Parish notice board and in the Parish Magazine. The Council AGREED for a notice to be put on the bus stops in the Parishes impacted. Clerk to action
4.4.4. HGV signs Mrs I Williams raised the issue of HGV’s travelling through Llanwarne to Llanwarne Court are following their Sat Nav’s which direct them up Gibraltar Lane resulting in them getting stuck and requiring assistance to be removed. It was suggested to put up signs preventing HGV’s going up or down Gibraltar Lane, ie “Unsuitable for HGV’s” or signs directing HGV’s to Llanwarne Court. Clerk to speak to Dave Atkinson and David Harlow to gain advice on best solution. Clerk to action

5. Lengthsman Scheme
5.1. Report by Terry Griffiths, Lengthsman
5.1.1. Terry was unable to attend the meeting and had sent a report that the Clerk will forward on to all Councillors. Clerk to action.
5.2. Clerk reported that she would be attending the Balfour Beatty Parish Briefings on 3rd and 4th Feb.
5.2.1. Cllr R West asked the Clerk to speak to Terry about the issue with a “river flowing” down the road past Hillside, Rock Cottage and ends up in the Gamber brook by Duck House. Clerk to action
5.3. The Clerk confirmed that a meeting has been set up for the P3 Footpath Volunteers to meet on Monday 22nd Feb at 7.30pm at Llanwarne Village Hall, where Dave Atkinson will discuss the scheme in more detail.

6. Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)
6.1. Cllr West reported to the Parish Council that the NDP meeting that was held on 21st Jan and that 11 people attended the meeting. There was a 50/50 split on opinion as to completing the plan. No grant has been applied for to complete the plan.
6.2. Based on the above information the Council AGREED that they would not be completing a plan. Clerk to inform those involved with the NDP meetings of the Council’s decision and to thank them for their support and efforts. Clerk to action
6.3. With the above decision agreed, the Clerk’s hours would be reduced from 7 hours per week back to 5 hours per week and this would be reflected in her monthly salary.

7. Finances
7.1. The Clerk confirmed that the Barclays Bank Balance as at 28/01/2106 was £3993.16 and NSI account balance is £1253.44 as at 1/1/2015. Budget on track.
7.2. The Council AGREED to pay the following invoices. Clerk to action
7.2.1. Lengthsman invoices TGC 1464 £225+VAT, TGC1483 £450+VAT, TGC1484 £375+VAT and TGC1485 £450+VAT = £1500+VAT
7.2.2. Clerks monthly salary payment for January – payment to include NDP work. February – payment to go back to 5hrs per week.
7.3. The Council noted the reclaimed money for the Lengthsman invoices for Q3 for £1025
7.4. The Council noted reclaim for VAT of £642.50
7.5. Cllr P Roberts updated the Council that a savings account had been set up with Barclays Bank. Clerk is awaiting more details.
7.5.1. The Council AGREED for the Clerk to write to NSI Account asking them to close the account and transfer the money into the Barclays Bank Account. Clerk to complete and send the necessary paperwork
7.6. The Council identified the following financial risks to the Council and AGREED the following actions
7.6.1. The Council ask the Clerk to find out more information about what the Council need to do with regards to offering the Clerk a Pension. Clerk to action
7.6.2. The Clerk informed the Council that HALC are offering a service to host Parish Council websites at £20 per year. The Council would still pay Mark Millmore of Eyelid Productions a £100 per year support fee, but not a hosting fee of £20 per year. With HALC hosting the website this will reduce any risk posed by Eyelid Productions being sold or taken over by another company. The Council AGREED for HALC to host the website. Clerk to action

8. The gift of land to the Parish Council to celebrate 100 years of the WI
8.1. Mrs I Williams addressed the Council and updated them on the situation with regards to the gift of land to the Parish Council. The Council AGREED to wait for the paperwork from Mrs Williams’ solicitors to come through so that they can look at the detail.

9. Planning
9.1. The Council noted the planning applications received from Herefordshire Council since the last meeting.
9.2. Planning Application 160096 Dhamma Dippa, St Owens Cross, Variation of Condition 2 & 3 of Planning Permission 132242/F The Council AGREED there were no objections to this planning application. Clerk to action

10. The Council noted the Clerk’s information sheet detailing correspondence received and update on actions.

11. To consider agenda items for next meeting
11.1. Village speeding signage, gift of land, Clerk and Pension

12. The Council noted date of next meeting will be held on Thursday 17th March 2016 at 7.30pm

Meeting started at 7.30pm and was declared closed at 9.25pm