Draft Minutes of Annual Ordinary Meeting 20th January 2022

Minutes of a Parish Council Meeting held in Llanwarne Village Hall on

Thursday 20th January 2022


Present: Councillors: Jason Pacey (Chairman). Rowena Williams, Rick Guest, Paula Snow, James Roberts, Pat Roberts and Brian Goodwin.


Ward Councillor Fagan, Elizabeth Malcolm (Footpaths Officer), Terry Griffiths (Lengthsman), PC Stefan Hawes, PCSO Carol Marsh, Andrew McRobb and Mark Hearne (Parish Clerk) plus one resident.


 To receive apologies for absence –Councillors Rosie Price, Anthony Snell and Harry Holt.  


  1. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation –


  1. To consider the minutes of the meeting held on the 18th November 2021– It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes as a true record, and these were signed by the Chairman.


  1. Open Session – To receive views from residents on parish matters. No issues were raised.


  1. Report from the Safer Neighbourhood Team- Before delivering their report which covered the following issues PC Hawes and PCSO Marsh were welcomed to the meeting by the Chairman.
    • Neighbourhood Matters – An initiative which residents are encouraged to join which provides alerts on policing matters in the local area. Although in its infancy the scheme has already provided effective communication between the public and police.
    • Priorities Charter – Currently speeding is the priority assigned to the Charter by the Parish Council but there will be an opportunity of updating the information on a quarterly basis. It was noted that Ian Connolly is the Traffic Management Officer with West Mercia Police who will arrange speed surveys if required.
    • Community Speed Watch (CSW) – It was suggested that the CSW is a useful tool for combating speeding vehicles and involves volunteers being trained by West Mercia Police in the use of speed guns.
    • Smartwater – This is a system which uses forensic markings on possessions owned by residents which allows the police to return stolen goods to their owners in the event of a burglary or theft. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk acquires further information from West Mercia Police for consideration at the next meeting.


  1. Presentation on Citizens Science – Mr Andrew Mc Robb delivered an interesting and stimulating presentation on his work with Citizens Science. Mr McRobb provided an overview of the aims and objectives of Citizens Science. He also focused on the contributory factors which have and are causing serious pollution to our river systems. Phosphate levels are at a serious and very harmful level and the aim is to focus on the polluters to help resolve the problem. The principal causes of high phosphate levels are due to changes in agricultural methods and the proliferation of chicken sheds particularly in the River Wye catchment area. The resources available to Citizens Science and the CPRE have grown substantially in recent times with the former able to deploy six field officers and the latter having 450 volunteers at their disposal. Other positive developments include plans to apply for a Water Protection Zone and the support of the local MP. There is a very limited two-year window of opportunity for dealing with this problem. Mr McRobb suggested that Parish Council can help by strongly objecting to chicken farms when such proposals are submitted plus lobbying the local MP.


  1. Reports and Updates
    • The Clerk reported that all actions raised at the last meeting have been discharged.
    • The Clerk reported that since the last meeting there have been developments in two planning applications. The LPA has refused planning permission against 173774-173780 (Biddlestone Orchards Development) and approved, with conditions, planning application 202794 (Land adjacent Amarant House, Harewood End).
    • Locality Steward – No defects which need to be reported to the Locality Steward were identified but see 6.4.2 and 6.4.3 below.
    • Ward Councillor Fagan covered the following issues in her report:
      • The proposed visit of the Chief Executive (Herefordshire Council) on the 4th February 2022 has been postponed. Details of the rescheduled visit will be announced when arrangements have been made.
      • Complaints have been received about mud being deposited on Gibraltar Lane and the issue will be referred to the Locality Steward.
      • Similarly, a broken fence post at Lyston Court will also be referred to the Locality Steward.
      • Confirmed that plans for a Water Protection Zone will be discussed at a full meeting of Herefordshire Council.
    • Village Hall Refurbishment – Ward Councillor reported that monies have been successfully sourced from the Covid Recovery Grant which will be used for new curtains. A Talk Community Café will meet every Saturday and it is planned to make the upstairs space available for functions/activities.


  1. Lengthsman

7.1       The Lengthsman mentioned that there is currently no formal contract or parish plan in place and suggested that this is something the Parish Council needs to introduce for 2022/23. Turning to work supported by the drainage grant the Lengthsman highlighted four jobs which have been highlighted but progress has been hampered by issues with the landowners. Ward Councillor Fagan also agreed to ascertain the details of the proposed lengthsman grant from Herefordshire Council for 2022/23. Councillor Snow reported a broken and dangerous post at the end of Marsh Lane and would provide the details to the Clerk.

7.2       A draft contract for the lengthsman had been circulated to Councillors before the meeting and following discussion it was RESOLVED to submit the draft to the Lenthsman for his consideration.


  1. Footpaths Officer Report – Work required on the footpath network as discussed at the last meeting had been referred to the Footpath Contractor for a quotation. The quotation was received by the Clerk on the 19th January 2022 and subsequently circulated to the Parish Councillors. The Chairman considered there was insufficient detail supporting the quotations so it was RESOLVED that, with the support of the Footpaths Officer, the Footpath Contractor provides a fuller assessment of the work required in time for the March meeting of the Parish Council. Ward Councillor Fagan reported that Herefordshire Council are planning to re-assume responsibilities for PROW work from the 1 April 2022.


  1. Environment


  • Flooding – The Chairman reported on developments since the last meeting commenting specifically on an attenuation pond and irrigation pond in the parish. The Garron and Gamber working group has not met since the last meeting but arrangements are in hand with Councillor Nigel Moore (Llangarron Parish Council) and Rod Hawnt (hydrologist) to discuss the scope and costs of a survey of the catchment area.
  • Flood Plans – In discussion, Councillors agreed that it required specialist knowledge to complete the flood plans survey and it would not be feasible on these grounds to submit a response from the Parish Council.
  • Riparian Rights – Councillors acknowledged that the guidance published by Herefordshire Council was very informative and no further action is required.
  • Great Collaboration/Herefordshire Green Network – It was RESOLVED that Councillor Guest would arrange for a representative from the Great Collaboration to talk to the Parish Council at the March meeting.


  1. Proposal to Change the Name of the Parish Council – Before any decision is taken to pursue the possibility of changing the name of the Parish Council it was RESOLVED that the Clerk seeks details of the cost of holding elections for each of the settlements in the parish.


  1. Planning – No planning applications have been received for consideration but the Chairman mentioned the re-consultation at Trevase Farm and confirmed that, after reviewing the Parish Council’s original submission, there was nothing else that could be usefully added.


  1. Finance
    • The current bank balance is £13,252.73
    • Councillors approved the following payments:
      • Lengthsman (Invoices TGC1700 (Roads Account) £392.00 (ex VAT); TGC1701 (Drainage Grant Fund) £900.00 (ex VAT)[1]
      • Autela Payroll Services – Invoice Number (7739) £43.50 ex VAT)
      • Stationery – £14.00
      • Postage – £7.92
      • Clerk’s salary for October 21 – January 2022
      • PAYE – October 21- January 22 – £332.80
    • Financial Monitoring 2021/22 – Based on the spend to date plus anticipated cost and receipts to year end the Clerk estimated that there will be reserves in the region of £10,500 but this was contingent on receiving VAT payments and Drainage Grant reimbursement in good time.



  • Defibrillator Training – The Clerk reported that he has identified someone who is able to deliver defibrillator training but Covid 19 has meant a delay in making the necessary arrangements.


  • Visit of Chief Executive (Herefordshire Council) to Llanwarne – As discussed earlier in the meeting the planned visit for the 4th February 2022 has been postponed.


  • Items for the Next Meeting
    • Great Collaboration/Green Network
    • Footpath Quotations



  • Date of the Next Meeting – The next meeting will take place on Thursday 17th March 2022 in Llanwarne village hall beginning at 19.30hrs.






Meeting closed at 21.15.

[1] Invoices submitted as part of the Drainage Grant and costs will be reimbursed by Herefordshire Council.