DRAFT minutes of Annual Parish Meeting 18th May 2017

Llanwarne and District Group Parish Council
(Harewood, Llandinabo, Llanwarne, Pencoyd and Tretire with Michaelchurch)

Annual Parish Meeting

Thursday 18th May 2017 at 7pm

Present: Cllrs J Honey (Chairman), R West, F Davis, Brian Goodwin, G Price, P Roberts, Miss R Price, Mrs B Samuel and Mrs K Hughes (Clerk to Council)

Residents in attendance: David Atkinson (Locality Steward Balfour Beatty)

1. The Council received apologies for absence from Cllrs J Roberts, J Pacey and County Cllr D Harlow and these were accepted.

2. The minutes from the previous meeting on Thursday 19th May 2016 were adopted and signed

3. The Chairman’s report –

3.1. The Chairman’s report discussed the Council’s main activities for the past year and these were:
3.1.1. The Parish Council have continued with the Lengthsman and P3 Scheme for another year with Terry Griffiths as the Parish Lengthsman. This has been another very successful and productive year and I would like to thank Terry for all his hard work.
3.1.2. The Parish Council has purchased two defibrillators to put up in Llanwarne and Harewood End. We have run jointly with St Weonards Parish Council two Heartstart Training Courses.
3.1.3. The Parish Council is in the process of purchasing three signs for Llanwarne village, to put at the end of Gibraltar Lane and the road that joins B4358 to warn large vehicles that not to follow their sat nav’s as road unsuitable for such vehicles.

4. Open discussion – as there were no residents in attendance this session was opened and closed.

5. The Parish Clerk will advertise the next Annual Parish Meetings, which will be held in May 2017.