Minutes of Ordinary Meeting 15th September 2016

Mtg No: 143


THURSDAY 15th September 2016

Councillors Present: Cllrs John Honey (Chair), Gordon Price, Rosey Price, Brian Goodwin, Frank Davis, Jason Pacey (Parish Footpath Officer) and Mrs Kate Hughes (Clerk)

In attendance: Terry Griffiths (Lengthsman), Cllr David Harlow, David Atkinson (Locality Steward Balfour Beatty) and 1 member of the public

1. Apologies were received from Cllrs Bridget Samuel, James Roberts and Pat Roberts

2. Declaration of interests – Cllr Jason Pacey declared an interest on item 5.2.1 Planning Application for Duck House. Cllr Pacey signed the Declaration of Interest book.

3. The minutes from the last meeting on 21st July 2016 were adopted and signed.

4. Open discussion

4.1. A brief report from Locality Steward Balfour Beatty, Dave Atkinson
4.1.1. Budgets are tight and money will need to be spent on best return on investment. A reactive approach will be taken rather than proactive.
4.1.2. Verge cutting has been completed and was better organised this year.
4.1.3. Potholes need to be reported through the Herefordshire Council website and then automatically come to Dave to assess. Need to keep an eye on the potholes on lane from crossroads by Treberon Farm and heading out towards Dhamma Dipa.
4.1.4. Balfour Beatty Briefing meeting on 11th October
4.1.5. Laskett Lane – work has been completed on this flooding hotspot, but the Council had a few concerns about whether it will be sufficient. Dave to look at it. Dave to action

4.2. A brief report from County Councillor David Harlow
4.2.1. County Cllr David Harlow informed the Parish Council that the County Council is facing more budget cuts.
4.2.2. There is a transport consultation available online – bus routes 36 and 33 are under review.
4.2.3. Need more new businesses to help with paying business rates and this will help to raise more money for the Council.

4.3. Views received from residents
4.3.1. There were none
4.3.2. Update on pillar and ball near Lyston – The Clerk updated the Parish Council that the issue with the pillar and ball was now being taken care of by local residents. They are awaiting for a quote for repair work.

4.4. West Mercia Police
4.4.1. PCSO Lowri Anderson had emailed her report to Clerk to circulate. Clerk to action

5. Planning
5.1. The Council RESOLVED to discuss these planning applications for Llanwarne Village Hall to support grant application at next meeting when more information was available.
5.2. The Council noted the following planning applications received and decisions made from Herefordshire Council since the last meeting.
5.2.1. Cllr J Pacey had declared an interest on this item and left the room whilst the Council discussed planning application 162867 – Duck House, Llanwarne. Proposed works to various trees. The Council RESOLVED that there were no objections. Clerk to action replying online
5.2.2. The Clerk updated the Councillors on the following planning applications: Dhamma Dipa planning application160371 has been refused

6. Lengthsman Scheme
6.1. Report by Terry Griffiths, Lengthsman – Terry had reported that he completed routine maintenance at Llanwarne, Turkey Tump and Lenastone Lane. He has worked on clearing out the culvert and ditch on Monkton Lane and blasted the pipe out which should sort the problem with flooding in this area.
6.2. P3 Scheme – Terry reported that he will need email from Clerk to request work to be carried out on footpaths.
6.3. Cllr Pacey, the Parish Footpath Officer reported that he would like to arrange another volunteers’ group meeting. Cllr Pacey and Clerk to arrange a meeting date. Clerk to put a notice in local Parish Magazine detailing whom the Footpath volunteers are and what their role is. Clerk and Cllr Pacey to action

7. Finances
7.1. The bank balance was noted as £759.08 and budget spend was on track. Clerk to claim back VAT money and Lengthsman Grant money. Clerk to action
7.2. The Clerk informed the Councillors that she has passed her CiLCA qualification and received her certificate. A salary review was discussed and will be taken into consideration when setting the Precept. The Clerk informed the Council that Barclays Bank paid her monthly salary twice in August. The Council RESOLVED to stop the October Salary Payment and just pay the annual expenses fee of £200 only and recommence with the monthly Salary payments in November. Clerk to action sorting this with the Bank
7.3. The Council RESOLVED to pay the following invoices. Clerk to action
7.3.1. Lengthsman invoices TGC1774 £170+VAT, TGC1775 £377+VAT, TGC1819 £450+VAT and TGC1820 £900+VAT = £2077+VAT
7.3.2. ICO Data Protection renewal – £35 to be reimbursed to Clerk
7.3.3. HALC invoice H004 – Website hosting and two domain names £40+VAT
7.4. The Council RESOLVED to discuss the precept for 2017/18 at the next meeting and will dedicate most of the agenda time to discuss it. Clerk to find out the impact of raising the Precept to include the Lengthsman Scheme money in next year’s budget on Parishioners Council Tax. Is the Council budget capped? Clerk to action
7.5. No financial risks were identified.

8. The Council RESOLVED to book a Heartstart Training Course in the New Year and to look into an alternative funding grant for a defibrillator as British Heart Foundation money has run out for this year. Clerk to action

9. The Council noted the Clerks information sheet.

10. The Council suggested the following agenda items for next meeting – precept 2017/18, Llandinabo village signs and planning application for Llanwarne Village Hall.

11. The Council noted the date of next meeting would be held on Thursday 17th November 2016 at the earlier time 7pm.

Meeting started at 7.30pm and was declared closed at 9.05pm

Signed by Chairman: ……………………………………………… Dated: …………………..