Draft Minutes of Ordinary Meeting held on 17th Nov 2016

Mtg No: 144


THURSDAY 17th November 2016

Councillors Present: Cllrs John Honey (Chair), Gordon Price, Rosey Price, Brian Goodwin, Frank Davis, Jason Pacey (Parish Footpath Officer) Bridget Samuel, James Roberts, Pat Roberts and Mrs Kate Hughes (Clerk)

In attendance: Sue Watkins (Guest Speaker from First Responders Charity) and 2 members of the public

1. Apologies were received from Cllr R West, Terry Griffiths (Lengthsman), County Cllr David Harlow, David Atkinson (Locality Steward Balfour Beatty) and PCSO Lowri Anderson

2. Guest Speaker: Sue Watkins from First Responders Charity
2.1. Sue talked to the Parish Council about the matched funding grant in Herefordshire for the purchase of an unlocked defibrillator with heated cabinet. The cost to the Parish Council would be £500 and to run a training/awareness event on how to use a defibrillator. Replacement pads would be an additional cost of £74.40 for one set of pads and £94.80 for two sets of pads. The defibrillator would also need to be wired into an electrical supply and access 24hrs 7 days a week to the community. The Council RESOLVED to purchase a defibrillator via the matched funding grant for the community. Clerk to speak to Sue Watkins to arrange the paperwork. Clerk to action
2.2. The Council RESOLVED that they would like to book Herefordshire Heartstart Courses in March 2017. Clerk to arrange. Clerk to action.
2.3. The Council RESOLVED not to adopt the BT phone box on the A466 at Hillgates for use of the defibrillator.

3. Declaration of interests – There were none.

4. The minutes from the last meeting on 15th September 2016 were adopted and signed.

5. Open discussion
5.1. Dave Atkinson, Locality Steward, Balfour Beatty was unable to attend the meeting so nothing to report.
5.2. The Council noted the report from County Councillor David Harlow who was unable to attend.
5.3. To receive views from local residents
5.3.1. The Royal British Legion is looking to hold their annual Herefordshire Rally at Llanwarne on 10th June 2017 with a Church Service at 2.30pm followed by light refreshments.
5.3.2. The Council discussed at length the recent damage to grass verge at War Memorial by lorries that try and use Gibraltar Lane as access. There is a sign at both ends of Gibraltar Lane clearly stating it is not suitable for long vehicles. The Council RESOLVED to look into options of preventing this sort of damage in the future. Clerk to action. Some residents in Llanwarne asked the Council to check that the recent white signs put up by Llanwarne Court to give directions to lorries delivering to the court and avoiding Gibraltar Lane are compliant. Cllr Honey will speak to Dave Atkinson. Cllr Honey to action. Clerk to look into contacting Sat Nav companies about changing the postcode centre for HR2 8JE from Knowle House to the War Memorial Crossroads. Clerk to action.
5.4. The Council noted the report from West Mercia Police PSCO Lowri Anderson.

6. Finances
6.1. The Council noted bank balance to be £4309.28 on the 17th November and budget spend is on track. The Council asked the Clerk to check how much reserve the Parish Council can keep in their Bank Account. Clerk to action
6.2. The Council RESOLVED to ask for a precept budget of £8000 for 2017/18
6.3. The Council RESOLVED to pay the following invoices. Clerk to action
6.3.1. Grant Thornton UK LLP audit fee for annual return invoice: 8610472 £100+VAT – Cheque no: 100152
6.3.2. Lengthsman invoices TGC1843 Roads £377+VAT and TGC1853 P3 £250+VAT = £627+VAT – Cheque no: 100153
6.4. The Council identified no financial risks.

7. Planning
7.1. The Council RESOLVED that they had no objections to planning application 163521 – Wayside Cottage, Orcop, Hereford Removal of existing concrete hardstanding/driveway and the formation of a new larger gravel hardstanding/driveway. Mr Simon Clayton. Clerk to respond – Clerk to action.
7.2. The Council noted receipt of Notice of Confirmation and Certification of Public Path Diversion Order Highways Act 1980, Section 119 Footpaths PC7 (part) and PC9 (part) Pencoyd.
7.3. The Council noted the Clerk’s update sheet on the planning applications received and decisions made from Herefordshire Council since the last meeting.

8. Lengthsman and P3 Scheme
8.1. Terry Griffiths, Lengthsman was unable to attend but he had sent his work sheet for the past couple of days work he has completed.
8.2. The Council RESOLVED that Terry carries out the following work: To continue with winter maintenance and to ask Terry to look at the damage to the verges by the War Memorial in Llanwarne. Clerk to contact Terry to action.
8.3. The Parish Footpath Officer had nothing to report. A meeting in January is going to be arranged for the Footpath Volunteer.  Clerk and Cllr Pacey to action.

9. The Council noted the Clerks information sheet.
9.1. The Council RESOLVED to send a cheque for £50 donation to Dore Community Transport. Clerk to ask for information about how many times this transport has been used by residencies in our group of parishes.

10. The Council RESOLVED the following agenda item for the next meeting – To receive an update on the planning applications for Llanwarne Village Hall to support grant application. Cllr R Price to action

11. To note date of the next meeting will Thursday 19th January 2017 at 7.30pm