Minutes Annual Meeting Monday 15th May 2014




Cllrs J Honey (Chair), E Price, Mrs B Samuel, F Davis, G Price, B Goodwin, J Roberts, Mrs P Roberts, Mrs J Ing and Mrs K Hughes (Clerk to Council)

IN ATTENDANCE: Terry Griffiths

1. Election of Chairman. Cllr James Roberts proposed that Cllr John Honey continue as Chairman for another year and Cllr Pat Roberts seconded it. As there were no other proposals for Chairman, Cllr J Honey was re-elected. The Chairman signed the Declaration of acceptance form.

2. Election of Vice Chairman. Cllr Ellis Price proposed that Cllr Robert West continues as Vice Chairman for another year and Cllr J Honey seconded it. As there were no other proposals for Vice Chairman, Cllr R West was re-elected. Action: Clerk to ask Cllr R West if he accepts re-election due to his absence.

3. Election of other offices

3.1. Internal Auditor – Cllr B Samuel proposed that Trevor Gregory continues as the Parish Council’s Internal Auditor and Cllr Jodi Ing seconded it.
3.2. Representative on the Village Hall Management Committee – Cllr J Roberts proposed and Cllr F Davis seconded that Cllr G Price continues as Village Hall Representative.
3.3. Footpaths Officer – Cllr E Price proposed and Cllr R West seconded that Ray Whiley continues as Footpath Officer.

4. Apologies

4.1. Apologies were received from Cllr R West

5. Declarations of Interest

5.1. There were no changes to be made to the Councillors Declaration of Interests Forms
5.2. None declared.

6. Open Discussions

6.1. Report from PC Kevin Powell – PC Powell was unable to attend but sent a report which Clerk circulated on email and at the meeting. Action: Clerk to email next year’s meetings dates to Kevin.
6.2. Report from District Cllr Jon Norris – Cllr Norris did not attend and there was no report to be read out.
6.3. Report from Terry Griffiths, Lengthsman – Terry updated Councillors on work that he has completed and the following issues need input from either Councillors or the Clerk:
6.3.1. Ditch from triangle at A466 to Llanwarne Court has been scraped out and the Terry will need to discuss with landowners about diverting water on to their land. The Council agreed that this work will need to be carried out.
6.3.2. With regards to the Council cuts and the discussion to trim verges on roads less regularly, Terry will trim selected verges to increase visibility particularly at junctions, triangle junctions, bends, etc. If Councillors notice that there are other places that they feel need trimming, to please inform the Clerk.
6.3.3. Terry is very pleased with the work that he has done with his new jetter.
6.3.4. Yew Lane – there has been a 75% success with the work that Terry has done and the big jetter from Balfour Beatty. However, additional work needs to be undertaken to complete the work and hopefully resolve the flooding problem. The Slurry Tanker at the Lodge House needs to be cleaned out. The Council agreed that this is to be carried out. Cllr Honey agreed to speak to Captain Hazelhurst about gaining entry to his land to complete the work.
6.3.5. The Council asked Terry to look at the culvert and drainage at Lower Monkton Farm and Orcop road.
6.3.6. Terry has 2 more maintenance days to complete last year’s budget.
6.4. Views from local Residents – None received

7. The minutes from the meeting held on 20th March 2014 were adopted and signed

8. Neighbourhood Development Plan

8.1. The Clerk updated the Council on what was agreed at the NPD meeting on 8th May. At the meeting it was agreed to continue with completing a plan and they had started to set up a Steering Group.
8.2. The Council agreed for the Clerk to arrange for the independent planning consultant Micheal Wellock from Kirkwells to come and talk to the NPD Group and The Council. Suggested dates were 12th or 26th June. Meeting has been agreed for 10th July at 7.30pm.
8.3. The Council agreed for the Clerk to look into applying for grants. Clerk to action
8.4. The Council agreed for the Clerk to look into the costs of setting up a Parish Council website and report back at the July meeting. Clerk to action

9. Planning

9.1. The Council agreed to continue with the adopted policy for the Clerk commenting on planning applications between meetings. The Clerk to be given the power to comment on behalf of the Councillors on planning application between meetings. The Clerk to discuss the planning application with 2 other Councillors and ensure the Chairman is informed about all planning applications.
9.2. The planning applications that were received between the last Parish Council meeting on 20th March, were noted by the Councillors.

10. Finances

10.1. The Council agreed to go with the insurance quotation from Came and Company of £265 as this was the most competitive quote. This is the fee for first year of a 3 years agreement with Came and Co. The Clerk to action payment accordingly.
10.2. The Councill agreed to adopt the 2013/2014 accounts. The annual return and governance statement on the audit form was completed and approved by the Councillors. Clerk to action return of audit form
10.3. Payment of invoices:
10.3.1. It was agreed to pay the Lengthsman invoices for April of £271 plus VAT and £250 plus VAT Clerk to action
10.3.2. It was agreed to pay the Herefordshire Council Planning Consultant for planning applications £24 Clerk to action

11. Lengthsman Scheme

11.1. The Council agreed to continue with the Lengthsman Scheme and Terry Griffiths as our Lengthsman for another year.
11.2. Terry asked if the Clerk could write a letter confirming that the Council have instructed him to collect rubbish as part of the Lengthsman Scheme. Clerk to action.

12. To consider meeting every other month for Parish Council meetings

12.1. It was agreed to continue meeting on the 3rd Thurs of the month in the following months Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov, totalling 6 meetings per year. All meetings to start at 7pm unless otherwise informed by the Clerk. Action: Clerk to action circulating the new meeting dates to all Councillors and other regularly invited guests

13. The Councillors noted the information sheet from the Clerk

14. The date of next meeting is Thursday 17th July 2014 at 7pm at Llanwarne Village Hall