Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting 16th January 2014

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting Held on Thursday 16th January 2014 in Llanwarne Village Hall at 7.30pm

PRESENT: Cllrs J Honey (Chair), R West, E Price, B Goodwin, Mrs B Samuel, F Davis, G Price, J Roberts,  Mrs P Roberts and Mrs K Hughes (Clerk)

1. Apologies were received from Cllr J Ing

2. Declaration of interests – there was none.

3. Open discussion

3.1. There was no report from West Mercia Police
3.2. There was no report from District Councillor
3.3. A brief report was given by Terry Griffiths, Lengthsman
3.3.1. Terry reported that he had been round the group of Parishes twice and this has identified where the hot spots are and where we now need to concentrate remaining budget expenditure
3.3.2. Clerk to chase up and resubmit request for Balfour Beatty (BB) to action work highlighted in Terry’s defect sheets for our group of Parishes. Clerk to action
3.3.3. Terry reported that he is purchase a jetter so that he can carry out some jetting work in our Parishes. He will still require BB to attend with their jetter to carry out work in certain hot spots.
3.4. Views received from residents
3.4.1. Clerk to chase up with Steve Hodges with regards to flooding meeting in Feb 2013. Clerk to action

4. The minutes from the last meeting on 21st November were adopted and signed, after a change to Cllr Brian Goodwin being added as present at the meeting.

5. Neighbourhood and Parish Plans

5.1. It was agreed to advertise in the local Parish Magazines including some wording to explain what a NBP is all about. Clerk to action
5.2. It was agreed that Thursday 10th April be booked as the public meeting. Clerk to action

6. Planning

6.1. One planning application was considered by the Council
6.1.1. The Clerk’s planning sheet was noted

7. Finances

7.1. The Council considered the following payment of invoices
7.1.1. The Council AGREED to purchase a Charles Arnold Baker £56.25 and Local Councils Explained book £39.99. Clerk to action
7.1.2. The Council agreed the precept for 2014/2015 as £2000, same as last year. Clerk to action returning precept form back by 31st January

8. Lengthsman Scheme

8.1. The Clerk to claim Q4 Lengthsman Scheme money. Clerk to action
8.2. The Council identified potholes that need reporting to Balfour Beatty by the Clerk in the following areas. Clerk to report
8.2.1. Potholes through Llanwarne village and Gilbratar Lane are still a problem.
8.2.2. Netherton Lane pothole about 100yds off A49.
8.2.3. Sandway and Monkton Lane – white lines have faded and some “give way” signs have been damaged.

9. Self Help Grit Scheme

9.1. Terry Griffiths will add in a work day to refill salt bins and identify if any Parish needs any salt bins.

10. The Council AGREED for the Clerk to arrange in April/May a Parish Walk with Balfour Beatty to show them where problems areas have been identified.

11. The Council noted the information sheet from Clerk

12. The Council asked the Clerk to put the following items on the agenda for next meeting

12.1. Neighbourhood Plan Public Mtg
12.2. Standing Orders

13. The Council noted date of next meeting – Thursday 20th March 2014 at 7.30pm