Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting 18th September 2014

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting Held on Thursday 18th September 2014 in Llanwarne Village Hall at 7pm

PRESENT: Cllrs J Honey (Chair), F Davis, G Price, E Price, B Goodwin, Mrs B Samuel and Mrs K Hughes (Clerk), District Cllr Jon Norris, Terry Griffiths (Lengthsman) and Dave Atkinson (Balfour Beatty Locality Steward)

Residents: Patrick Birchley

1. Apologies were received from Cllrs R West, J Roberts, Mrs J Ing and Mrs P Roberts

2. Declaration of interests – there were none.

3. Website talk – Unfortunately Tony Usher was unable to attend and this talk has been postponed till the meeting on 20th November.

4. Neighbourhood Development Plan

4.1. The Clerk updated the meeting on the progress from the last Neighbourhood Development Plan meeting held 21st August and 3rd Sept. It was agreed at the meeting held on 21st August that a questionnaire be drafted asking residents there views on current Herefordshire Council’s Planning strategy and Neighbourhood Development Plans along with a letter explaining what the current strategy for planning is in Herefordshire plus an explanation of what Neighbourhood Development Planning is all about. The meeting on the 3rd Sept was to review the questionnaire and letter and discuss logistics of distrusting them. It was agreed to meet on 24th Sept to collate questionnaire packs and finalise distribution arrangements.

5. Open discussion

5.1. West Mercia Police – PCSO Kevin Powell was not able to attend the meeting, but the Police report had been previously circulated by email and a paper copy available to read at the meeting.
5.2. A brief report from District Councillor Jon Norris
5.2.1. District Cllr Jon Norris reported that the Council have moved from Brockington to Shire Hall
5.2.2. Consultation for Travellers Site is open until 2nd Oct and they are looking for any potential
5.3. A brief report from Locality Steward Balfour Beatty, Dave Atkinson
5.3.1. Dave reported that the team of Locality Stewards have been set up and are now in operation. So far the team is working very well. There are 13 Locality Stewards positions of which 10 are already in place. The Locality Stewards are the interface between the Parish Councils, Balfour Beatty and Herefordshire Council. They are the first point of contact for Parish Clerks to report problems or issues.
5.3.2. Dave is hoping to set up quarterly meetings with groups of 6 Parish Councils so that he can share and discuss problems and issues.
5.3.3. The Council highlighted the issue of the very faded road markings on the lane C1234 that joins the A49 at the bottom of Harewood End Pitch. It was felt that this was a potential hazard. Dave confirmed he would look at the situation and report it to the Highways Agency and update the Clerk.
5.3.4. The Clerk asked if Dave would be able to look into the black and white chevron markings and reflectors on the road next to Gwent Cottage as these still have not be replaced after the accident to the property a few years ago. Dave agreed to investigate this further and report findings back to Clerk.
5.4. A brief report from Terry Griffiths, Parish Lengthsman
5.4.1. Terry confirmed that he had done some verge cutting to enable him to be able to carry out ditch work in preparation for the Autumn/Winter weather. Balfour Beatty had confirmed that they will be doing verge cutting by end of September.
5.4.2. Terry asked if he could schedule 2 maintenance days to complete winter checks across our group of Parishes. It was agreed to carry out this work. The Parish Council also agreed that it supported Terry approaching landowners with regards to gaining their permission to assist with the disposal of soil from ditches either on the verges or if required on to their land. Bridget Samuel agreed to check on the issue of soil compliance for landowners and report back to the Clerk.
5.4.3. Clerk reported that we have £402 left in the 2013/2014 budget and now have received £2928.75 of the 2014/2015 budget.
5.4.4. Terry reported the following updates to the Parish Council on the current work schedules. Terry has spoken to Captain Hazelhurst and has found 2 pits to clean out on his land and then jet back to the B4348 at Yew Lane. It was agreed for this work to be carried out and jetter is booked for w/c 6th Oct. Road C1239 Orcop boundary, soil has been cleared out of these ditches Audit’s Bridge in Tretire Parish – Terry has found a pipe that needs to be cleared out and have also put in 1 metre wide grips to help drain water way off road to relieve flooding issues during heavy rain. It was agreed for the necessary work to be carried out to clear pipe. Ditches from A466 to Llanwarne Court have been cleared out and the ditch re-established so that they should now take the water and help to relieve the flooding issues in the village. Terry confirmed that all Lengthsman have been asked by Herefordshire Council to reduce any signage cluttering up the road verges.
5.5. Views received from residents
5.5.1. The Clerk investigated how the Parish Council could go about getting a 40mph speed limit on the B4348 near to Yew Lane/Llanwarne village junctions and also at Hillgates on A466. The Clerk received a speeding analysis from Herefordshire Council, via Dave Atkinson our Locality Steward, with regards to B4348 and A466 and this report confirmed that the average speeds on these roads do not support speed limits. Therefore the report does not support the need for a speed limit. It is a very lengthy and time consuming process to get speed limits approved and there is a huge waiting lists which could result in the Council waiting several years to granted approval.
5.5.2. With regards to the verge cutting, it was agreed as in agenda item 5.4.1 and 5.4.2 that Terry Griffiths, Lengthsman would complete necessary verge cutting in our group of Parishes.
5.5.3. The Parish Council received a letter from Bruce Burton and Tracey Clunies-Ross with regards to the current issues of the Llanwarne Footpath LW4. Clerk to draft letter and contact Bruce Burton.

6. The minutes from the last meeting on 17th July 2014 were adopted and signed.

7. Planning

7.1. The Clerk’s planning sheet was noted for updates current applications
7.1.1. The Parish Council agreed that there was no objection to Planning Application P142614, Wai-iti, Hillgates, Hereford, Proposed demolition of attached annexe, extensions and alterations. Clerk to action

8. Finances

8.1. The Council noted payment of the invoice for Terry Griffiths, Parish Lengthsman – £325 plus VAT
8.2. The Council agreed to pay the September invoice for Terry Griffiths, Parish Lengthsman – £350 plus VAT
8.3. The Council noted comments on Audit from Grant Thornton and for these to be considered in next year’s audit.
8.3.1. The Council agreed to pay the invoice for additional fees from Grant Thornton £25 plus VAT
8.4. The Council agreed to pay for the Charles Arnold Baker book from HALC priced £56.25

9. The Council agreed to investigate and review the Clerk’s Salary. The Clerk to gain further information on the relevant pay scale from HALC. Clerk to action

10. It was agreed for the Clerk to speak to Dave Atkinson, Locality Steward and liaise with Terry Griffiths with regards to salt and grit bins for our group of Parishes.

11. The Council noted the information sheet from Clerk

11.1. The Clerk to action contacting the Dore Community Transport and find out how many people in our area use the service to enable the Council to make a more informed decision with regards to a donation.
11.2. The Clerk to action looking at Aconbury and Little Birch websites in preparation for website presentation in November.

12. The Council asked the Clerk to include the following agenda items at next meeting

12.1. Website update and costs
12.2. Precept
12.3. Clerks Salary

13. The Council noted date of next meeting – Thursday 20th November 2014 at 7pm

Meeting started at 7.15pm and was declared closed at 8.45pm