Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting 20th March 2014

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting Held on Thursday 20th March 2014 in Llanwarne Village Hall at 7.30pm

PRESENT: Cllrs J Honey (Chair), R West, E Price, Mrs B Samuel, F Davis, G Price, J Roberts, Mrs J Ing and Mrs K Hughes (Clerk). Lengthsman Terry Griffiths, Cllr J Norris and 1 resident

1. Apologies were received from Cllrs B Goodwin and Mrs P Roberts.

2. Declaration of interests – there were none.

3. Open discussion

3.1. There were no verbal report from West Mercia Police. A written report was circulated
3.2. A brief report was given by our new District Councillor Jon Norris
3.2.1. Cllr Jon Norris introduced himself to the Parish Council. He is a Parish Councillor at Much Birch Parish Council. There is a blog available for residents and Councillors to view on his website www.jonnorris.co.uk . Cllr Norris sits on Herefordshire Council’s Planning Committee.
3.2.2. Cllr Norris encouraged the Parish Council to review the Bus Consultation online to help save the 412 bus route.
3.2.3. Cllr Norris updated Parish Council on the following items : Plans for establishing a new university in Hereford, BT Broadband project in Herefordshire County 4G to be put into 70% of masts in Herefordshire Insulation for affordable homes
3.3. A brief report was given by Terry Griffiths, Lengthsman
3.3.1. Terry reported that he has completed general maintenance in all parishes twice.
3.3.2. Soil to be cleared off Yew Lane before Balfour Beatty comes out to do jetter work.
3.3.3. Terry’s worksheets were circulated for Councillors to review.
3.4. Views received from residents
3.4.1. The resident in attendance asked for more information with regards to the Neighbourhood Development Plan meeting on 10th April. The Parish Council confirmed that the meeting has been arranged to present what a Neighbourhood Development Plan involves for the group of Parishes.
3.4.2. The resident in attendance endorsed the work that the Lengthsman has carried out so far.

4. The minutes from the last meeting on 16th January 2014 were adopted and signed.

5. Neighbourhood Development and Parish Plans

5.1. The agenda and format for the meeting on 10th April was agreed by the Council – Clerk to action
5.2. Clerk to advertise mtg locally and to residents. Clerk to action

6. Planning

6.1. One planning application was considered by the Council
6.1.1. The Clerk’s planning sheet was noted
6.1.2. The Parish Council agreed the following comments for the Planning Applications below Copgrove, Lystone Lane. Hardcore entrance into building off road to prevent mud on road. No objections in principal Lyngary, Llanwarne – no objections to rear extension to house

7. Finances

7.1. The Council considered the following payment of invoices
7.1.1. Agreed payment of Lengthsman Jan 2014 invoice £239 plus VAT and March invoice £354 plus VAT
7.1.2. Agreed payment of Local Councils Explained book from HALC – £39.99
7.1.3. Agreed payment of hire of Llanwarne Village Hall for meetings 2013-2014 – £108.50
7.1.4. Agreed payment of Herefordshire Council invoice for paper copy of planning consultation for Pencoyd Parish – £4.00
7.1.5. Agreed payment of HALC subs 2014/2015 £286.55 plus VAT
7.1.6. Agreed payment of admin fee from Lengthsman Scheme Grant to Clerk – £390.00
7.1.7. Council noted payment of remaining Q4 Lengthsman Scheme money £976.25
7.1.8. Council noted VAT reclaim form for Parish Council
7.1.9. Agreed to pay registration fee for SLCC of £150 to enable Clerk to complete CILCIA qualification

8. Lengthsman Scheme

8.1. The Council identified potholes that need reporting to Balfour Beatty by the Clerk in the following areas. Clerk to report to James Powell the following items.
8.1.1. Potholes through Llanwarne village and Gilbratar Lane are still a problem.
8.1.2. Netherton Lane – pothole about 100yds off A49 and further potholes down the road before Stockmans Cottage/Netherton Farm.
8.1.3. Sandway and Monkton Lane – white lines have faded and some “give way” signs have been damaged.
8.2. The Council agreed to put the item Salt Bins item on the Sept agenda and to discuss in more detail then.

9. Standing Orders

9.1. The Council read and AGREED to adopt the Standing Orders recommended by the Finance Committee.

10. The Council noted the information sheet from Clerk

11. The Council asked the Clerk to put the usual Annual Meeting items on the agenda for next meeting

12. The Council noted date of next meeting – Thursday 15th May 2014 at 7pm