Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting 20th November 2014

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting Held On Thursday 20th November 2014 in Llanwarne Village Hall at 7.30pm

PRESENT: Cllrs J Honey (Chair), R West, F Davis, E Price, B Goodwin, J Roberts, Mrs P Roberts and Mrs K Hughes (Clerk), County Cllr Jon Norris, Terry Griffiths (Lengthsman) and Dave Atkinson (Balfour Beatty Locality Steward)

Guest Speaker: Tony Usher

Residents: Ralph Howard, Brian???, Philip Gundy, Tracey Clunies-Ross and Bruce Burton

1. Apologies were received from Cllrs G Price, Mrs J Ing and Mrs B Samuel

2. Declaration of interests – there were 3 declarations of interest in regards to the agenda:-

2.1. Terry Griffiths on item 10.2 with regards to any discussions around costings of Enhanced Lengthsman Scheme for precept
2.2. Cllr Robert West with regards to item 7.1.3 and planning application for Rock Cottage
2.3. Cllr John Honey with regards to item 9.1 and any discussions on Clerks Salary

3. Website

3.1. Tony Usher attended the meeting and informed the Council about the setup costs and what he can offer us as a Parish Council website. We will need Domain name to register as a www.co.uk site, this will cost £10 and registration will last for 2 years. This is a recurring cost every 2 years (or £5 per year).
3.2. Hosting costs for webserver to store files costs £100 which is a recurring cost every year. Therefore the yearly costs are £105 per year.
3.3. Tony charges for the physical site development a one off design cost of £200 and £40 for each page on the site. He charges £30/hr on additional work over and above the costs listed above.
3.4. He suggested to keep the website simple so that it can be easily used.
3.5. The websites he has designed locally are Dorstone, Vowchurch/Escley Dore Group Parishes and Whittington in Staffordshire.

4. Neighbourhood Development Plan

4.1. Cllr R West, the Chairman of the NDP Steering Group, updated the Parish Council on the last meeting held on 5th Nov. 70% of the questionnaires were completed and returned. The questionnaires were inconclusive in helping to decide if a NPD should or should not be completed. Therefore the group are seeking additional input from Sam Banks at Herefordshire Council and Jason Pacey local resident to help complete analysis to report back at the next meeting. It was agreed that the results should be published so that all Parishioners can see.
4.2. It was agreed to pay the expenses of £83.98 incurred by the Clerk for stationary costs for the initial public meeting in April and the questionnaires delivered in Sept.

5. Open discussion

5.1. West Mercia Police – PCSO Kevin Powell has now returned to the beat in Hereford and PCSO James Preece will be replacing him in our area. The Chairman said that PCSO Kevin Powell will be missed and asked Clerk to thank him for all his help and support over the years he has been working in our area. He will be missed. The Council look forward to welcoming PCSO James Preece at the next meeting he is able to attend. The most recent Police Briefings were circulated for Councillors to read.
5.2. A brief report from Councy Councillor Jon Norris
5.2.1. County Cllr Jon Norris reminded Councillors that he regularly updates his blog with what he has been doing. County Cllr Norris asked the Clerk if she could email him copies of the blank questionnaire and letter with regards to the NDP for him to look at. Clerk to action. County Cllr Norris asked is the Parish Council would be also completing a Parish Plan along side the NDP. The Council confirmed that they would be looking into this. County Cllr Norris also asked if he could email the Clerk some questions and useful tips with regards to the website.
5.3. A brief report from Locality Steward Balfour Beatty, Dave Atkinson
5.3.1. Dave asked the Council to confirm the 3 C or U roads they would like to suggest for resurfacing scheme. It was agreed that road from Treberon Farm crossroads along to Dhamma Dipa turning, Crossways crossroads in Tretire, the lane between Pencoyd and Llanwarne and A466 from Monkton Place through Hillgates.
5.3.2. The Council reported the following potholes to Dave who agreed to report these to Balfour Beatty: Laskett Lane and lane from A49 by Windmill Hill Farm towards Netherton.
5.3.3. Dave reported that he had put the request for chevron signs for Gwent Cottage at Hillgates in the system. Clerk to action speaking to Mrs Beddows at Gwent Cottage.
5.4. A brief report from Terry Griffiths, Parish Lengthsman
5.4.1. Terry confirmed that work has been on stand still for last 2 months due to Balfour Beatty and Lengthsman Scheme having discussions around working together to prevent duplication of work. Now that this has been resolved the winter maintenance days will happen.
5.4.2. Terry will be working with landowners to help with soil disposal from ditches that he will be clearing out and ensuring that soil compliance rules are met.
5.4.3. Turkey Tump/Yew Lane flooding issue. Terry has been on Captain Hazelhurst’s land and has cleaned out the pits and the drain pipe so that the water will now drain straight into the brook. The ditch on the Wormelow side needs to be cleared as well so shortly this flooding issue should hopefully be resolved.
5.4.4. Terry confirmed that he is happy for sandbags to be stored at his place. Clerk to action.
5.5. Views received from residents
5.5.1. The Chairman read out the note from Captain Hazelhurst with regards to the Bus Shelter at Llandinabo that is in honour of his late Father. He asked if the Parish Council would look into tidying up the Bus Shelter and the surrounding area. He has offered to contribute towards the cost of this work. The Council agreed that the Chairman and Terry should arrange to look at the bus shelter and discuss the best way forward. The Chairman will contact Captain Hazelhurst to keep him up to date with what will be happening.
5.5.2. Update on LW4 footpath in Llanwarne. Tracey Clunies-Ross and Bruce Burton confirmed that they have had to open up the existing footpath that runs through their property by the end of November as the straight line footpath that residents have been using since 1986 is now out of operation. The next steps that Tracey and Bruce are taking after discussions with Definitive Map Modification Officer is to have 2 paths running parallel to each other. 24 villagers have signed to say they have used the straight line footpath since 1986. A Lacey the Enforcement Officer has been involved with the whole process.
5.5.3. The Clerk informed the Council about the email that she has been copied into from a resident in Pencoyd who had emailed Herefordshire Council informing them of the damage to verges in the narrow lanes near to properties in Pencoyd by vehicles delivering large equipment to Dhamma Dipa. The Council asked the Clerk to keep them informed on any updates.
5.5.4. The Council agreed for Terry to put a salt grit bin on the hill by Lenaston Farm as per the request of Mrs Bevan. Clerk to email Terry to details.

6. The minutes from the last meeting on 18th September 2014 were adopted and signed.

7. Planning

7.1. The Clerk’s planning sheet was noted for updates current applications To Council reviewed the planning application P143314/F – Vipassana Trust, Dhamma Dipa, Pencoyd for the installation of new Biomass Heating system with 2 no. accumulator containers and 2 no. accumulator extensions to exiting buildings and there were some concerns that this planning application was for retrospective planning. The Council asked County Councillor Jon Norris to find out why this planning application had been sent out if the building work had already happened. Clerk to liaise with Jon Norris To Council reviewed planning application P143302/F – Rock Cottage, Llanwarne, Hereford for the Proposed barn conversion to holiday accommodation with one bedroom and agreed that there was no objection. Clerk to action.
7.2. The Clerk to look into what process will work best for the Council to operate under the new electronic planning system. Clerk to action

8. Finances

8.1. The Council reviewed the budget the Clerk has prepared for the proposed Precept for next year including provisions for an Election Year and Enhanced Lengthsman Scheme. It was agreed that the Clerk to find out more about the costs of filling in potholes with regards to the services available within the Enhanced Lengthsman Scheme to enable them to decide on final precept figure. Clerk to discuss these findings with Councillors.
8.2. To Council reviewed the current financial situation
8.3. To Council agreed for the Clerk to review the new financial standing orders and come with a proposal for adoption at the January meeting. Clerk to action.

9. Reviewing Clerk’s current salary

9.1. The Council reviewed the Clerk’s current salary against the NALC suggested payscale. It was agreed that the Clerk’s salary should be raised to the level as suggested in NALC payscale of £9.009 per hr. Hours worked per week including Clerk role and additional hours for Neighbourhood Development Plan will be 7hrs per week at £9.009 per hour = £63.07 per week plus £200 to cover expenses for stationary costs, travel costs, telephone and internet costs for the year. Once the Neighbourhood Development Plan project work has been completed then the Clerks hours will be based on 5hrs per week at £9.009 per hour = £45.05 per week. It was agreed to pay the Clerk for the remainder of this financial year £63.07 per week which is £273.30 per month from Dec to March = £1093.20 and this will cover any back pay for work completed on Neighbourhood Development Plan. It was agreed to review the Clerks Salary and payscale on completion of her CILCA qualification.
9.2. To Council agreed to look at the options for a stand-in Clerk for March Meeting to cover Clerk in maternity absence at next meeting in January.

10. The Council had considered the following schemes in the above agenda items and have agreed to continue with or join the:

10.1. Winter Maintenance self-help grit scheme
10.2. Enhanced Lengthsman Scheme
10.3. Sandbag request form

11. The Council noted the information sheet from Clerk

11.1. The Council confirmed that they have adopted the Council’s Code of Conduct. The Clerk to action sending a copy of the adopted Code of Conduct to Anthony Bush.

12. The Council asked the Clerk to include the following agenda items at next meeting

12.1. Website update and costs from Mark Millmore
12.2. New Financial Standing Orders
12.3. Clerk Maternity Cover for March Meeting

13. The Council noted date of next meeting – Thursday 15th January 2015 at 7pm

Meeting started at 7pm and was declared closed at 9.30pm