Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting Thursday 19th March 2015

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting Held on Thursday 19th March 2015 in Llanwarne Village Hall at 7.00pm

Councillors Present
Councillor Mr. John Honey Chairman
Councillor Mr. Frank Davies
Councillor Mr. Ellis Price
Councillor Mr. Gordon Price
Councillor Mrs. Pat Roberts
Councillor Mr. Robert West

Acting Clerk Mr. Malcolm Walker

Mr. Dave Atkinson Balfour Beatty Locality Steward Mr. David Harlow and one further member of the public

The Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council was formally opened by the Chairman at 7.00pm

Election papers given to all Parish Councillors

1.0 Apologies

Apologies were received and accepted from Councillor Mr. B Goodwin,
Councillor Mr. James Roberts, Ward Councillor Mr. Jon Norris and Mr. Terry Griffiths
(Lengthsman) Jody Ing was no longer a Parish Councillor due to “Self Disqualification” for non attendance Acting Clerk to inform Electoral Registration Office.

2.0 Declarations of Interest & Dispensations

2.1 To receive any declarations of interest in agenda items from Councillors
No declarations of interest made
2.2 To consider any written applications for dispensation
There were no written requests for dispensation

3.0 Open Discussion

3.1 To receive a brief report from West Mercia Police representative No Police present
3.2 To receive a brief report from Ward Councillor Mr. Jon Norris
Ward Councillor not present
3.3 To meet and receive a brief report from new Locality Steward Dave Atkinson, Balfour Beatty
Mr. Dave Atkinson gave a brief verbal overview of works to date including
Most of the potholes had been repaired
Drainage issues and ditches progressing
Long term repairs to be forwarded by the Clerk
3.4 To receive a brief report from Terry Griffiths, Lengthsman
Acting Clerk reported that Mr. Terry Griffiths had emailed that he was “1” day ahead of the
programme of works
3.5 To receive views from local residents
No matters raised
3.5.1 To review update with regards to the bus shelter at Llandinabo
Locality Steward Dave Atkinson said that the Bus Shelter would be the responsibility of the
Highways Agency Herefordshire Council
3.5.2 To review current situation with regards to footpath LW4 in Llanwarne
Acting Clerk to contact Mr. Al Lacy Enforcement Officer Herefordshire Council
3.5.3 To receive reply from Dhamma Dipa with regards to Biomass Heating Accumulator Planning Application number P143314/F

Acting Clerk to request assurances that in future they will comply with the schedule

4.0 Minutes

The Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 15th January 2015 were
confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

5.0 Planning

5.1 To note Clerk’s planning sheet on planning updates
Planning sheet noted

Treberon Farm, Tretire, St Owens Cross, Hereford
Permission Granted 2nd February 2015

Acting Clerk asked to enquire reference Ancillary Store at Wormelow Stores, Wormelow
Proposed conversion to form two single storey dwellings utilising existing access

5.2 To note any planning applications received between meetings
5.2.1 Pool Hullock Farm P143611/F
Still Valid

5.2.2 Michaelchurch Court 150266/FH
Still Valid

5.2.3 Upper Grove 150257/K
Still Valid

5.2.4 The Old Rectory 150032/F
Still Valid

5.3 To consider Application No 150567/FH Chapel Cottage, St. Weonards HR2 8PD
Proposed single storey side extension
Resolved :- To support the application as presented

6.0 Neighbourhood Development Plan

6.1 First meeting had been held on the 21st January 2015
Second meeting had taken place on 25th February 2015
The area had been designated
A Working Group had been set up
Another meeting was planned for next week

7.0 Website

7.1 To consider gathering and preparing information to put on the website to be developed in early May by Mark Millmore

7.1.1 The Parish Council unanimously resolved to obtain both domain names
www.llanwarnegroupparishcouncil.co.uk and www.llanwarnegrouppc.co.uk
Proposed by Councillor Mr. Robert West and Seconded by Councillor Mrs. Pat Roberts

7.1.2 Delegation of task to obtain background information for each Parish and suggested photos – see email from Mark Millmore
Information to be available for the next full Parish Council meeting

8.0 Financial Report

Bank balance 13th February 2015 £1,841.21

No receipts received

8.1, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4 Payments
Terry Griffiths Invoices TGC1179 £275.00+VAT and TGC1183 £284.25+VAT £671.10
Cheque No 100108
Herefordshire Council Planning Consultation Invoice 91088165 £24.00
Cheque No 100107
Llanwarne Village Hall Hire for Parish Council and Neighbourhood Development
Meetings for 15th May 2014 – 19th March 2015 Invoice 3315/1 £227.50
Cheque No 100109
Herefordshire Association of Local Councils (HALC)
Invoice 4330 for Clerk Cover 19/03/2015 £128.64
Cheque No 100111
Clerk’s Salary Mrs. Kate Hughes £273.30
Cheque No 100110

All payments were Unanimously approved

8.5 VAT reclaim form been sent in on 19th February 2015 for £635.51 and awaiting payment

8.6 4th Quarter Lengthsman Scheme payment of £976.25 has been requested and awaiting payment

8.7 Parish Precept of £7,000 has been accepted and payments will be received 17th April 2015
1st instalment of £3,500 00 and 2nd instalment of £3,500 00 on 18th September 2015

9.0 To consider what actions need to be done in preparations for Elections on 7th May

9.1 Nomination forms to be distributed Handed out at start of meeting

9.2 Timetable Handed out at start of meeting

10.0 New Lengthsman Scheme

10.1 Update on the new scheme
Acting Clerk outlined the New Scheme
Lengthsman Mr. Terry Griffiths to work on small potholes
Locality Steward Dave Atkinson explained about the Footpaths P3 Scheme
P3 Scheme and Footpaths Officer – Agenda item for the next full Parish Council meeting
Dave Atkinson to obtain Road and P3 Footpath maps for all Parish Councillors

10.2 To approve annual activity plan to submit to BBLP asap
Agenda item for the next full Parish Council meeting

11.0 To consider getting someone to come and talk to Parish Council about Faster Broadband
Faster Broadband speaker required for the next Parish Council meeting Agenda item for the next full Parish Council meeting

12.0 To note information sheet from Clerk

12.1 To note that the Clerk will be on Maternity Leave until mid April but will be checking
emails regularly during this time

13.0 To consider agenda items for next meeting

13.1 Review and adopt revised Standing Orders & Financial Regulations

13.2 Date for Annual Parish Meeting
Suggest we could have this as an update on the Neighbourhood Development Plan and what
next steps are plus informing people about website – needs to be after Elections, but before
1st June

Information for new Website

P3 Scheme and Footpaths Officer

Neighbourhood Development Plan

Approve Annual Activity Plan to Submit to BBLP

Faster Broadband Speaker

14.0 To note date of next meeting which will be the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council on
Thursday 21st May at 7.00pm

Meeting declared closed at 8.00pm