Neighbourhood Development Plan 21st August 2014

Neighbourhood Development Plan Meeting Steering Group Minutes Held on Thursday 21st August 2014 at Llanwarne Village Hall at 7pm

PRESENT: Cllr R West (Chair), Cllr G Price, Cllr B Goodwin, Cllr F Davis, Mrs K Hughes (Clerk), Peter Everall, Trevor Gregory, Elizabeth Malcolm, Pene Haines, Rosey Price, Jeremy Helme and Harriet Birchley,

1. Apologies: Cllr John Honey, Cllr Pat Roberts, Cllr James Roberts, David Snow, Anne Ruseveare, Kay Walton, Bill Walton, Anthony Snell, John Oubridge and Nicki Port

2. Declarations of interests – there were none

3. The minutes of the last meeting held on 8th May were signed and adopted.

4. It was agreed that the next step to undertake with the NPD process was to complete a questionnaire to send out to all households in our group of Parishes.

4.1. Peter Everall and Trevor Gregory agreed to put together a questionnaire to be reviewed at the next meeting.
4.2. Clerk agreed to source some copies of questionnaires that have been used in NDP process

5. It was agreed that the Clerk investigate whether we can still apply for a grant, gain clarification onp when the money needs to spent by and if we receive the money and we do not proceed with completing a NDP can we return the unspent money.

6. The Steering Group has been confirmed as the following members and all other Parishioners are welcome to all the meetings.

6.1. Llanwarne: Trevor Gregory and Harriet Birchley
6.2. Pencoyd: Nicki Port and Richard Thomas
6.3. Tretire with Michaelchurch: Peter Everall. There is a still a vacancy for another representative for this Parish. If anyone interested, please contact the Clerk.
6.4. Harewood: Frank Davis. The Duchy of Cornwall declined being a representative on the Steering Group, but have offered any help or advice with the NDP process.
6.5. Llandinabo: Jeremy Helme and Kay Walton

7. It was agreed to set up the following sub committees:~

7.1. Finance – Trevor Gregory to assist the Clerk with any financial issues
7.2. Chairman: Cllr Robert West continue as Chairman and Cllr Frank Davis, Trevor Gregory or Peter Everall agreed that they would stand in as Chairman if Robert West was unable to attend the meeting.
7.3. Clerk: Mrs Kate Hughes continue as Clerk and Elizabeth Malcolm agreed that she would stand in as Clerk at the meeting to take minutes if the Clerk was unable to attend.
7.4. It was agreed to set up any other sub committees as and when required

8. It was agreed to set up regular Steering Group meetings on the first Wednesday of the month for the rest of the year and review when required. All meetings will be held at Llanwarne Village Hall at 7pm unless otherwise informed by the Clerk.

8.1. The meeting dates are as follows: Wed 3rd Sept, Wed 1st Oct, Wed 5th Nov and 3rd Wed Dec

9. It was agreed that the agenda for the next meeting would focus on the questionnaire and logistics of distributing the questionnaire to all households. If anyone would be able to volunteer some time to help hand out and collect questionnaires, please let the Clerk know.

10. The next meeting is on Wed 3rd Sept at 7pm at Llanwarne Village Hall.