Neighbourhood Development Plan 21st January 2015

Neighbourhood Development Plan Meeting Steering Group Minutes Held on Wednesday 21st January 2015 at Llanwarne Village Hall at 7pm

PRESENT: Cllr G Price, Cllr F Davis, Mrs K Hughes (Chair and Clerk), Samantha Banks (Hfds Council), Linda Miles, Peter Everall, Anthony Snell, Pene Haines, Harriet Birchley, Ionwen Williams, Shirley Clunies-Ross, Elizabeth Malcolm and Phil Gundy

1. Apologies: Cllr R West (Chair), Cllr John Honey, Cllr B Samuel, Trevor Gregory, Jennifer Wrigley, Jeremy Helme, Nicki Port, John Handby, Richard Thomas and Ralph Howard

2. Declarations of interests – there were none.

3. The minutes of the last meeting held on 5th November were signed and adopted.

4. Analysis results of questionnaires
4.1. After the questionnaires results were reviewed, it was agreed to add in the percentage of questionnaires returned to the analysis and a note of the number of parishioners in each Parish.

4.2. Clerk to action looking up on the demographics of the census data of the group of Parishes. Look on ONS website
4.3. Clerk to action emailing the questionnaire results out to the group and post a copy to those not on email.
4.4. It was agreed that from the results of the analysis of the questionnaires that the a Neighbourhood Development Plan will be completed for the villages of Llanwarne and Harewood End as there is a case for these. It was agreed that the NDP Steering Group can define the area which incorporates Llanwarne and Harewood End village and this can be different to the Parish boundary. The village of Harewood End will incorporate parts of Pencoyd Parish, but this needs to be defined by the Steering Group. The plan will probably only be 4 – 6 pages long plus appendices.
4.5. It was agreed the other parishes of Tretire with Michaelchurch, Llandinabo and the remaining part of Pencoyd Parish not covered by Harewood End village will be covered by the RA3 policy under the Herefordshire Council Core Strategy.
4.6. It was agreed that all business development will be covered by RA6 policy under the Herefordshire Council Core Strategy.
4.7. Sam Banks gave an outline of what the costs will be involved to complete the ND Plan.
4.7.1. Consultation with the Parishes will take up most of the costs as this will need to be done either by a public meetings, mailout, website, email or other means
4.7.2. Statutory bodies to be consulted but this can be done by email
4.7.3. Examination – Herefordshire Council pays for this
4.7.4. Referendum – Herefordshire Council pays for this
4.7.5. Printing of ND Plan document once completed but this can also be available on the website
4.7.6. Other costs – meeting room hire, stationary, photocopying, etc
4.8. A grant of up to £8000 is available from April and we can apply for it from March. Sam Banks suggested that we will probably only need to apply for £2000/£3000. Clerk to action in March
4.9. The next steps that we need to undertake to start writing and completing the Plan are as follows:
4.9.1. Vision Statement – look at other plans for ideas
4.9.2. Objectives – look at other plans for ideas
4.9.3. Define village of Llanwarne and Harewood End – this can be done by either looking at a map and/or a village walk about
4.9.4. Write up on whole of the Parishes plus photos
4.9.5. Develop policies for Llanwarne and Harewood End Village – ask for advice from Sam Banks and her team
4.9.6. Relevant maps and photos
4.9.7. Sam Banks advised the meeting that as there is an election on 7th May that a period known as Peruda will be in action from 1st April to 7th May. This means that no public consultations can take place during this time, but ordinary meetings can continue.

5. It was agreed that the main agenda item for the next meeting would be to allocate the areas that have been detailed in 4.9 above. Clerk to action an agenda and circulate to group.

6. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 25th February at 7pm. Please note the Clerk will be on Maternity Absence for this meeting and Elizabeth Malcolm has kindly agreed to stand in to take minutes on the night.