Neighbourhood Development Plan 3rd September 2014

Steering Group Minutes Held on Wednesday 3rd September 2014 at Llanwarne Village Hall at 7pm

PRESENT: Cllr F Davis (Chair), Cllr Bridget Samuel, Mrs K Hughes (Clerk), Peter Everall, Trevor Gregory, Pene Haines, Rosey Price, Jeremy Helme, Kay Walton, Nicki Port, Phil Gundy, Shirley Clunies-Ross, Richard Thomas and Elizabeth Malcolm

1. Apologies: Cllr R West, Cllr John Honey, Cllr Pat Roberts, Cllr James Roberts, John Oubridge and Jenny Wrigley

2. Declarations of interests – there was one from Jeremy Helme. He informed the meeting that he is currently submitting a pre-planning application in the Parish of Llandinabo to obtain permission for building a house for a worker.

3. The minutes of the last meeting held on 21st August were signed and adopted.

4. Questionnaire

4.1. It was agreed to make the following amendments to the questionnaire
4.1.1. To include a section at the top of the letter highlighting the importance of impact of ND Plan and the consequences of doing nothing about completing a plan.
4.1.2. Include a weblink on the letter to find Herefordshire Council’s Core Strategy
4.1.3. To include the privacy note on the letter – Clerk to email wording to Trevor and Peter
4.1.4. To address envelopes to each household rather than individuals
4.2. It was agreed that the Clerk would action the following
4.2.1. Finding out the number of households in each Parishes and make a list. Clerk to check with Electoral Offices on use of the Electoral Roll
4.2.2. To put together an information sheet for those distributing the questionnaires so that they can answer any questions asked of them
4.2.3. To put an update notice in the local newsletter for October edition
4.3. It was agreed to start delivering them week commencing 29th September and collect them week commencing 13th October
4.4. The following have volunteered to help distribute questionnaires:
4.4.1. Hamlet of Netherton in Pencoyd Parish – Nicki Port
4.4.2. Parish of Pencoyd (except Hamlet of Netherton) – Richard Thomas
4.4.3. Parish of Tretire with Michaelchurch – John Oubridge, Peter Everall and Elizabeth Malcolm
4.4.4. Parish of Llandinabo – Kay Walton
4.4.5. Parish of Llanwarne – Bridget Samuel (Monkton area), Pene Haines, Phil Gundy, Trevor Gregory and Robert West
4.4.6. Parish of Harewood – Frank Davis and Kate Hughes

5. It was agreed that the Clerk to contact Dave Tristram to find out how to start applying for the grant money.

6. It was agreed that the main agenda item for the next meeting would be to confirm the arrangements of distributing the questionnaires to all households in our group of parishes.

7. The next meeting is on Wed 24th Sept at 7pm at Llanwarne Village Hall. This meeting will be to make arrangements for the distribution of questionnaire to all households in the group of parishes.

7.1. It was agreed to cancel the meeting on Wednesday 1st October.

Meeting was declared closed at 8pm