Neighbourhood Development Plan Meeting 8th MAY 2014

Neighbourhood Development Plan Meeting

Steering Group Meeing Minutes held on Thursday 8th May 2014 in Llanwarne Village Hall at 7.30pm


Cllrs R West (Chair), E Price, G Price, B Goodwin and Mrs K Hughes (Clerk). Residents from the group of Parishes

1. Apologies – none

2. Conflict of interests – there were none

3. It was agreed at the meeting to go ahead with a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

4. It was agreed to arrange a meeting with Michael Wellock, Independent Planning Consultant from Kirkwells and a representative from the NDP Team at Herefordshire Council to come out and talk about how he can assist us in completing a plan

5. Clerk to check that she can email the example of Terms of Reference discussed at the meeting to the rest of the group

6. Clerk to source examples of questionnaires used to complete NDP

7. It was agreed that there should be 2 representatives from each Parish on the Steering Group. The following people were nominated on to the Group.

7.1. Llanwarne: Trevor Gregory and Harriet Birchley
7.2. Pencoyd: Nicki Port and Richard Thomas
7.3. Tretire with Michaelchurch: Peter Everall
7.4. Harewood: It was suggested that the Clerk ask Frank Davis and a representative from Duchy of Cornwall
7.5. Llandinabo: It was suggested that the Clerk to ask Jeremy Helme and Kay Walton
7.6. Chairman: It was agreed that Cllr Robert West continue as Chairman
7.7. Clerk: It was agreed that Mrs Kate Hughes continue as Clerk

8. It was agreed to look into the costs and options of setting up a website and Facebook page to keep Parishioners informed and updated on progress of the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

9. The Clerk will inform everyone when the next meeting will be: – Thurs 10th July at 7.30pm at Llanwarne Village Hall with Independent Planning Consultant Michael Wellock from Kirkwells