Minutes from Ordinary Meeting 19th November 2015



Councillors Present: Cllrs John Honey (Chair), Gordon Price, Miss Rosey Price, Mrs Bridget Samuel, Brian Goodwin, Frank Davis, Jason Pacey and Mrs Kate Hughes (Clerk)

In attendance: Terry Griffiths (Lengthsman), Jane Rigler (Good Neighbour Scheme) and a member of the public

1. Apologies were received from Cllrs Robert West, James Roberts, Pat Roberts, County Cllr David Harlow, David Atkinson (Locality Steward Balfour Beatty) and PCSO Lowri Anderson

2. Declaration of interests – there were none

3. The minutes from the last meeting on 17th September 2015 were adopted and signed.

4. Open discussion

4.1. West Mercia Police – PCSO Lowri Anderson was unable to attend the meeting. Clerk to put the briefing on the website. Clerk to action

4.2. A brief report from County Councillor David Harlow
4.2.1. County Cllr David Harlow was unable to attend the meeting but had sent a report for the Clerk to circulate prior to the meeting to Councillors and this will also be put on the website. Clerk to action
4.2.2. Jane Rigler attended to report back on the setting up of the Good Neighbour Scheme that she has spoken to the Council at the previous meeting. The scheme has been renamed “OWL Good Neighbours”. She is still looking for volunteers in the Llanwarne area. Jane asked if the Parish Council would donate £50 towards the set up costs of the scheme. The Council agreed to donate £50 to Jane – Cheque no: 100128 – and the Clerk gave Jane the cheque at the meeting.

4.3. A brief report from Locality Steward Balfour Beatty, Dave Atkinson
4.3.1. Dave was not able to attend the meeting so there was nothing to report.

4.4. Views received from residents
4.4.1. Speeding reduction signs for Llanwarne village and village signs for Llandinabo: Clerk reported that she had received 2 quotes i) Humphreys quotes £224+ VAT per sign including delivery and 2 posts and ii) Standard Signs quotes ranged from £152+VAT to £210 + VAT (depending on wording on sign) including delivery and posts. The Council asked the Clerk to look into other more cost effective options for signage. Clerk to speak to Dave Atkinson on the which type of signs we need to have and also look on the website for suitable signs. Clerk to action The Council asked Jason Pacey and Rosey Price to suggest suitable siting for the signs in Llanwarne Village. J Pacey and R Price to action The Clerk presented 2 quotes for village signs for Llandinabo Humphreys £224 +VAT And Standard Signs from £152+VAT to £210+VAT depending on wording on sign including delivery and posts. The Council asked the Clerk to find out whom BBLP use as their supplier for signs as they may provide a more competitive price. Clerk to speak to Dave Atkinson. Clerk to action.
4.4.2. The Clerk reported that there has been no communication from residents in support of keeping the bus shelter at Llandinabo. Therefore, the Council AGREED that the bus shelter should be removed. Cllr J Honey to speak to Captain Hazelhurst and inform him of the Council’s decision and that we will return the plaque from the shelter to him. Cllr J Honey to action and confirm with Terry Griffiths when removal can begin.
4.4.3. The Council discussed the options of adopting a phone box for £1 and siting a defibrillator in it. The Clerk was asked to find out more information about it and whether we can move the phone box at Hillgates into the village of Llanwarne. Clerk to action

5. Lengthsman Scheme
5.1.1. Report by Terry Griffiths, Lengthsman
5.1.2. Terry reported that he will be cleaning out and refilling the salt bins ready for winter season and will keep them topped up over the next few months
5.1.3. Monkton road ditch clearing is booked in to be completed along with other ditch work to remove any debris
5.1.4. Terry confirmed that he will need to speak to Captain Hazelhurst about putting an open ditch across his land to help drain the water off the Llanwarne road. Terry to action
5.2. Terry had confirmed the work he was planning to do in his report above. The Councillors had no other work to add to the current list.
5.3. Clerk to order 5 large bags of salt and 1 pallet of sandbags to be delivered to Terry. Clerk to action
5.4. The Council AGREED to join the P3 Scheme. The Clerk to action the necessary paperwork to James Powell at Balfour Beatty. Clerk to action
5.4.1. The Clerk confirmed that we have 4 volunteers who are ready to help out with the scheme and walk the footpaths.
5.4.2. Cllr Jason Pacey AGREED to take on the role of Parish Public Footpath Officer and co-ordinate the volunteers
5.4.3. Clerk to organise setting up a meeting with Parish Public Footpath Officer, Dave Atkinson and the 4 volunteers to discuss the scheme in more detail. Clerk to action

6. Finances
6.1. The Council AGREED the final precept figure of £7000. Clerk to action putting the precept budget on the website and also to send the completed precept form into Herefordshire Council. Clerk to action
6.2. The Clerk confirmed that the Barclays Bank Balance as at 19/11/2105 was £3993.16 and NSI account balance is £1253.44 as at 1/1/2015
6.2.1. The Clerk confirmed that she would be opening up a savings account with Barclays Bank with a view of transferring the NSI money into this account so that it is more easily available to transfer into the current account. Clerk to ask Cllr P Roberts to action
6.3. The Council AGREED to pay the following invoices. Clerk to action
6.3.1. Lengthsman invoices: TGC1420 £375+VAT, TGC1426 £375+VAT and TGC1427 £275+VAT = £1025+VAT
6.3.2. Clerk’s monthly salary payments for November £273.30 and December £273.30
6.4. The Council noted the reclaimed money for the Lengthsman invoices for Q1 for £950 and Q2 for £675 had been received in the bank
6.5. The Council noted the 2nd payment of precept £3500 had been received in the bank
6.6. No financial risks were identified.

7. The gift of land to the Parish Council to celebrate 100 years of the WI
7.1. It was AGREED for Chairman John Honey to speak to Mrs I Williams to find out the details of the proposal and report back at the January meeting. Cllr J Honey to action
7.2. Clerk confirmed that she had spoken to the insurers and HALC about the implications of the receiving a gift of land. The Insurers would want to know when we receive the gift of land and what will be put on it.

8. Planning
8.1. The Council noted the planning applications received from Herefordshire Council since the last meeting.
8.2. Planning Application 121791, Oaklands Caravan Site, Llandinabo. The Council asked the Clerk to speak to County Cllr Harlow for an update on this planning application. Clerk to action

9. Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)
9.1. The Council AGREED for the Clerk to arrange a meeting in January for NDP and this needs to happen before the next Parish Council meeting (it was agreed to move the Parish Council meeting from 21st Jan to accommodate the NDP meeting if required.) This meeting will provide the Council with the facts on how many residents are keen to support the Neighbourhood Development Plan and making it happen. Clerk to action

10. The Council noted the Clerk’s information sheet detailing correspondence received and update on actions.

11. To consider agenda items for next meeting
11.1. Village signage, Phone box defibrillator, Neighbourhood Development Plan update

12. The Council noted date of next meeting will be held on Thursday 28th January 2016 at 7.30pm

Meeting started at 7.30pm and was declared closed at 9.30pm