Minutes from Ordinary Meeting on 21st March 2019

Mtg No: 159


THURSDAY 21st March 2019

Councillors Present: Cllrs Frank Davis (Chair), James Roberts, Brian Goodwin, Rosey Price, Gordon Price, Jason Pacey and Robert West

In attendance: Mrs Kate Hughes (Clerk). There were no members of the public present.

1. Apologies were received from Cllrs John Honey, Pat Roberts and Bridget Samuel. Therefore, in Cllr Honey’s absence, Cllr Davis took the Chair.

2. Declaration of interests – There was one declaration of interest – Cllr R Price on Item 10. Cllr R Price signed the Declaration of Interests book and took no part in the discussion on this item.

3. The minutes from the Ordinary meeting held on 15th November were signed and adopted.

4. Jane Rigler from OWL Good Neighbour Scheme came to give the Parish Council an update on how the scheme was working since it was first started 3 years ago in May 2016. The Scheme covers people in the parishes as per the Archenfield Parish Magazine. In the past 12 months the activity undertaken by the volunteers are:

4.1. 85 lifts made up of:- 26 people from St Weonards, 52 people from Orcop and 7 people from Garway.
4.2. There is a small group of regulars. Trips are for hospital appts, doctor appts, shopping trips, Faith meeting in Hereford, Community lunches and teas, take people to see relatives in hospital, chiropodists, hairdressers, etc
4.3. 17 volunteers driving and always need more volunteers for driving or anything you think you could help with. Don’t charge for the service, they just ask for donations and ask Clients to pay for car parking charges where applicable.
4.4. Deliver samples to doctors, collect medication, dog care, provide a service to people in age range of 17yrs to 101yrs
4.5. Main expense is the telephone/mobile and insurance
4.6. Small Committee run the Scheme. They are still fundraising which has been done through donations and breakfast mornings and afternoon teas.
4.7. Community Lunches held every 1st Wednesday of the month at Orcop Parish Hall. A 2-course lunch for £7.
4.8. The Council RESOLVED to donate £50 to OWL Good Neighbour Scheme and to continue promoting the scheme on the Parish Council website and promote on Facebook where possible. Clerk to action the cheque and website promotion.

5. Open discussion
5.1. View from local residents: – there were none raised.
5.2. Dave Atkinson, Balfour Beatty Locality Steward updated the Council that the 22nd March was his last day at Balfour Beatty as he leaving and James Howells will be replacing him. Dave thanked the Parish Council for all their help and support during the past 5 years.
5.2.1. The Parish Council thanked Dave for all his hard work, support and advice over the past 5 years to its group of Parishes.
5.3. The Parish Council noted the email correspondence from the Police on information with regards to Smartwater and its potential use in the surrounding villages.

6. Lengthsman and P3 Scheme.
6.1. Report from Parish Footpath Officer: – The Clerk reported that she had received a letter of resignation from Declan Williams who will be stepping down as Parish Footpath Officer for the Llanwarne side of the group Parishes. The Council thanked Declan for his hard work and support during his time in office. The Clerk confirmed that Elizabeth Malcolm is happy to remain as Parish Footpath Officer for the Pencoyd/Tretire side of the group of Parishes.
6.1.1. The Council RESOLVED for the Clerk to advertise the position of Parish Footpath Officer for the Llanwarne side of the group Parishes in the Parish Newsletter, on the Parish Council website and noticeboard. Clerk to action
6.2. Terry Griffiths, Parish Lengthsman reported the following to the Council:
6.2.1. Terry wanted to confirm with the Parish Council their requirement for his services in the next 12 months. He would carry out 5 maintenance days across the group of parishes over the next 12 months.
6.2.2. He still has work to carry out at Netherton and to look at the ditch problem, which is causing flooding issues along the Monkton Lane. Terry will ask Balfour Beatty to check that the pipes are working correctly along the Monkton Lane to help assist with the flooding issue. These 2 jobs will be separate to the 5 maintenance days above and will cost approximately £450 per job. The Council RESOLVED they are happy to pay the additional cost to be able to sort these issues out in these parishes.
6.2.3. The P3 (Footpath) work, there will be 4 visits in 12 months across the group of parishes. Terry will forward an invoice for P3 materials that he has purchased from Balfour Beatty to be able to carry out any maintenance work over the next 12 months.
6.2.4. Terry to finalise the budgeted costs for the 12 months, but the current estimate is min of 8 visits in 12 months of £450 = £3600. Clerk to action getting final budgeted figures from Terry.

7. The Clerk handed out the Election nomination papers and confirmed that the final date to hand in the papers was Wednesday 3rd April by 4pm. The papers needed to be handed in in person by the Councillor or someone representing the Councillor. Councillors to action

8. Finances
8.1. The Council noted the Barclays current account bank balance to be £5199.41 and savings account to be £4513.49 on 12/3/19. The budget spend was reviewed and within budget for the end of the financial year.
8.2. The Council noted the Insurance renewal request letter from Came & Company. Clerk to action returning the information
8.3. The Council noted payment of the following invoices since the last meeting on 15th November

8.3.1. Clerks Salary for Dec, Jan and Feb – £346.26×3=£1038.78 – Dec Chq 100197, Jan Chq 100999 and Feb Chq 100201
8.3.2. Terry Griffiths Contracts invoices TGC0581 £382 and TGC0634 £417 = £799+VAT – Chq 100200
8.3.3. Autela Payroll Services Q3 invoice 14334 £39+VAT – Chq 100198

8.4. The Council RESOLVED the payment of following invoices – Clerk to action
8.4.1. Terry Griffiths Lengthsman invoice TGC0651 £382+VAT, TGC0663 £255+VAT and TGC0709 £380+VAT = £1017 – Chq 100203
8.4.2. HALC subs 2019/20 invoice H616 £414.01+VAT and website hosting and domain name invoice H466 £190+VAT – Chq 100204
8.4.3. Eyelid production website support invoice 2102 £100 – Chq 100205
8.4.4. Clerks Salary for March £346.26 – Chq 100202
8.4.5. Hire of Llanwarne Village Hall from May 2018 to March 2019 invoice 140319 £108.50 – Chq 100206

8.5. The Council reviewed the costs for the Defibrillator and Car Park signs at Llanwarne and RESOLVED to purchase them at £88+VAT – Chq 100207
8.5.1. Clerk to look into signs for the Defibrillator at the Harewood End Inn and check with the Manager and owner. Clerk to action
8.6. There were no financial risks identified by the Council at this meeting.

9. Planning
9.1. The Council considered the planning applications:

9.1.1. Planning application 190542 – Land at Harewood End Inn, Harewood End, Herefordshire, HR2 8JT
The proposed erection of four dwelling houses with access on land to the rear of the Harewood End Inn. Reply by 21st Mar. Cllr F Davis will take a look at this planning and report back to the Clerk to be able to reply. Cllr Davis to action
9.1.2. Planning application 190437 – The Smithy, Harewood End Farm, Harewood End, Hereford, Herefordshire HR2 8JT Proposed installation of a more effective and environmentally friendly sewerage treatment plant and soak away. Reply by 22nd Mar. The Council RESOLVED that they had no objections. Clerk to action replying
9.1.3. Planning application 190935 – The Barn, Oakfields, Hoarwithy, Hereford
Notification of a proposed change of use of an agricultural building to a one-bedroom dwellinghouse (Class C3). Reply by 22nd March. The Council RESOLVED that they had no objections. Clerk to action replying
9.1.4. Planning application 190001 – Land at Pencoyd Rise, Pencoyd, Harewood End, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. Removal of the three existing garages and the existing hard standing. Proposed two semi-detached dwellings. Proposed shared access route to parking at the rear of the site. Landscaping and new sewerage treatment plant and drainage field to replace the existing septic tank. Reply by 22nd March. The Council RESOLVED that they had no objections. Clerk to action replying

9.2. The Council noted the planning applications received and decisions made from Herefordshire Council since the last meeting

10. The Council RESOLVED for the Parish Council website to have a link to Village Hall and Parish Churches websites or Facebook pages to share information within the group of Parishes. Clerk to action

11. The Council noted the Clerk’s information sheet and correspondence.
11.1. Clerk to forward the email the War Memorial Correspondence to the Parish Councillors to review. Clerk to action

12. The Council considered the following agenda items for next meeting: Costs of signs for Defibrillator at Harewood End Inn and cost of signs on A49 for Llandinabo village (contact Highways England at Strensham). Clerk to action getting costings

13. To Council noted the date of the next meeting held on Thursday 16th May 2019 at 7pm for the Annual Parish Meeting followed by the Annual Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council.

Meeting closed at 8.50pm.