Minutes of Ordinary Meeting 15th July 2021

Mtg No: 172


PRESENT: Cllrs Jason Pacey (Chair), Rosey Price, Paula Snow, Anthony Snell, Rick Guest James Roberts, Pat Roberts and Mrs K Hughes (Clerk to Council)

IN ATTENDANCE: Ward Cllr Toni Fagan and 7 residents.

1. Apologies – There were no apologies received.

2. Declarations of Interest
2.1. The following Councillors declared an interest in item 4.1 for co-option of Councillor for Llandinabo Parish – Cllr A Snell. A declaration of interest was declared for item 4.2 for co-option of 2 Councillors for Llanwarne Parish – Cllrs R Price, P Roberts and J Roberts. Cllr R Price was given a dispensation for item 4.2 and was able to take part in item 4.2.

3. The Council RESOLVED to update the Standing Orders to adopt the policy to include paper voting during a Parish Council meeting.

4. Co-option for 3 Vacancies:  The Council had received 12 letters of interest for the 3 vacancies on the Parish Council (1 vacancy for Llandinabo and 2 vacancies for Llanwarne). Therefore, all applicants were asked to submit a form detailing their reasons for wanting to become a Parish Councillor. The Parish Council ran a paper vote to select the successful candidate for the vacancies

4.1  Co-option for Llandinabo Vacancy: The votes were counted and verified and the successful candidate co-opted on to the Parish Council was Brian Goodwin. Clerk to complete the necessary paperwork. Clerk to action

4.2 Co-option for 2 x Llanwarne Vacancy: The votes were counted and verified, and the successful candidates co-opted on to the Parish Council were Rowena Williams and Harry Holt. Clerk to complete the necessary paperwork. Clerk to action

4.3 The Council thanked the outgoing Councillors Bridget Samuel and Gordon Price, who were disqualified from being Councillors at the last meeting, for all their work and dedication to the community during their time standing as a Councillor. Bridget Samuel raised the following comment of the Parish Council system that she felt affronted that due to the Covid Pandemic and the requirement to move to using remote meetings with online technology, that it excluded some Parish Councillors from the meetings resulting in a non-attendance and thus disqualification as a Councillor, especially when in the past they had consistently dedicated 20/30yrs of their life to the community.

5. The minutes from the meeting held on 20th May 2021 were adopted and signed.

** The Clerk noted that Cllr P Roberts left the meeting.

6. Open discussion (limited to 10 mins)
6.1 The Council received the following views from local residents:

6.1.1 The Sandyway crossroads on the A466 – the grass on the large verge has a sign that says do not cut, but it is very dangerous as the plants have grown tall and obscuring visibility on this dangerous junction. Cllr Fagan will speak to James Howell, Locality Steward about the signs on the verge and discuss a plan for the future. Cllr Fagan to action

6.1.2 Residents also informed Cllr Fagan and the Parish Council that the quality of the verge cutting this year was not great. Clerk to email Cllr Fagan and James Howell, Locality Steward with these comments and observations. Clerk to action

7. Reports and updates:
7.1 The Clerk had nothing further to report from the Parish Clerk on actions from last minutes

7.2 The Council received the following report from County Councillor Toni Fagan: Cllr Fagan has sent a report to the Clerk from the Council Leader – Clerk to put on the website and circulate to Councillors. Herefordshire Council are looking to sale the Town Hall so that they can concentrate on the Shire Hall. Looking to bring the new Chief Executive to the Llanwarne to show them the flooding issues and update of the Village Hall. Lots of investigative work to be carried out on the River Wye to understand why it is so polluted.

7.3 There was nothing to report from Parish Footpath Officer or any work that needs to be undertaken at this current time.

7.4 The Clerk had a report from Terry Griffiths, Lengthsman: The Drainage Grant work is going well and will continue to be completed. Terry’s Team have put up the new dog poo bin and general bin, but they have been put in the wrong positioned. These will be removed and put in the village car park and as close to the road as possible.

7.5 There were no defects to report to James Howell, Locality Steward, Balfour Beatty

7.6 The Council received an update on the Village Hall refurbishment from Cllr Fagan, Village Hall Committee member. The work on the hall is almost complete. The builders will be leaving soon. It is mainly painting and gardening left to complete. Plan to arrange a Fete in the Village on 4th Sept to include a grand unveiling of the new hall.

8. Flooding: The Council received an update from Cllr Pacey on the recent Flooding Meeting between Llanwarne and Llangarron Parish Councils. Cllr Pacey confirmed that a meeting with Cllr John Harrington will be arranged so that the issues that both parishes faces can be raised, and discussions take place to look at ways to help reduce the risk of flooding. A meeting on Tuesday 20th July will take place online to formalise the Flooding Group and this will assist with the group being taken more seriously. Cllr Pacey will update the Parish Council at the meeting.

9. Finances
9.1 The Council noted Bank Balance to be Current account : £11,873.29 and Saving account: £1,524 and budget spend was on track.
9.2 The Council noted receipt of VAT reclaim £627.48
9.3 The Council noted payment of following invoices:
9.3.1 Clerks Salary for June – Chq 100279
9.3.2 Donation to OWLS – £150 – Chq 100282
9.3.3 Internal Audit fee – £40 – Chq 100283
9.3.4 Community First Insurance £179.36 – Chq 100280
9.4 The Council RESOLVED to pay the following invoices:
9.4.1 Terry Griffiths Invoices – TGC1495 £900+VAT, TGC14196 £500+VAT, TGC1497 £1200+VAT, TGC1498 £900+VAT, TGC1521 £700+VAT and TGC1522 £900+VAT = £5,100+VAT for Drainage Grant work – Chq 100284
9.4.2 Hire of Church for meetings x 2 = £50.00 – Chq 100288
9.4.3 Autela Payroll Services Inv 6344 £43.50+VAT – Chq 100287
9.4.4 Eyelid Productions Inv 2673 – £100 – Chq 100290
9.4.5 Clerks Salay for July – Chq 100286
9.4.6 Clerks Expenses – Microsoft Subs renewal £59.99 and Computer repairs £50.00 = £109.99 – Chq 100289
9.5 There were no financial risks raised.

10. Planning
10.1 To consider the following planning applications:
10.1.1 Planning Application – None received
10.2 The Council noted the planning applications received from Herefordshire Council since the last

11. The Council noted the Clerk’s information sheet.

12. The items for the next meeting to include follow up actions from this meeting.

13. The date of the next meeting will be Thursday 16th September 2021 at 7.30pm in the newly refurbished Llanwarne Village Hall.

Meeting was declared closed at 9.15pm.