Minutes of Ordinary Meeting 21st Sept 2017


THURSDAY 21st September 2017

Councillors Present: Cllrs John Honey (Chair), Gordon Price, Frank Davis, James Roberts,
Pat Roberts, Brian Goodwin, and Rosey Price

In attendance: Mrs Kate Hughes (Clerk), Terry Griffiths (Lengthsman) David Atkinson (Locality Steward,
Balfour Beatty), County Cllr David Harlow and 10 members of the public

1. Apologies were received from Cllr Robert West, Cllr Jason Pacey and Cllr Bridget Samuel

2. Declaration of interests – There were none.

3. The minutes from the last meeting on 13th July 2017 were adopted and signed.

4. Open discussion
4.1. View from local residents
4.1.1. Sat Nav/Lorry sign at War Memorial/Sacred Church. A signed petition was presented by Harriet Birchley on behalf of residents from Llanwarne requesting the removal of the new Sat Nav/Lorry sign and replacement of the original blue “Unsuitable for Long Vehicles” sign in the original position on the village green. There was also objections to the new sign and its position from other residents in the village: Tina Lloyd member of local WI and Village Hall Committee, David Lloyd resident in village, Jeremy Helme Chairman of Village Hall Committee and Steve Cox resident from Gibraltar Lane. The Clerk had also received a letter from the Jenny Gregory Secretary of Llanwarne PCC also objecting to the new sign and its position. The conclusion of residents was that the sign was over sized, in appropriate and not fit for purpose. The Council RESOLVED to remove the new sign from the village green and reinstate the original sign in the original position. Clerk to action asking the Parish Lengthsman Terry Griffiths to remove the new sign and replace the original sign. Clerk and Terry Griffiths to action
4.1.2. The Clerk had received an email from a resident asking whether the bus shelter on the A49 at Llandinabo will be replaced. Clerk to reply informing the resident on the Council’s decision to remove the bus shelter and reasons for not replacing it. Clerk to action
4.2. County Cllr Harlow had sent a report to the Parish Councillors but had raised the following points from his report. The importance of the Fastershire project in getting broadband out into rural areas to help assist rural businesses.
4.3. Dave Atkinson, Balfour Beatty Locality Steward reported that a number of potholes had been filled across the group of parishes. He also reported that there would soon be a weight restriction put on Tump Lane in Much Birch.
4.4. The Council noted the report from West Mercia Police.

5. Lengthsman and P3 Scheme
5.1. Terry Griffiths Parish Lengthsman reported that no maintenance days had been carried out in July and Aug. Terry reported that the drains on the corner by Knowle House on Gibraltar Lane, had been lost by the constant use of heavy vehicles on this lane. He reported that with regards to the P3 Scheme, 2 days had been carried out in August and a defect list had been sent to David Atkinson.
5.2. The Council RESOLVED for Terry to carry out the following work: Roads – 2 maintenance days before the end of the year. Clerk to action emailing Terry. Clerk to action
5.3. Report from Parish Footpath Officer: – As this position was vacant, there was nothing further to report to the Council.
5.3.1. The Clerk reported that since Cllr Pacey stepped down as Parish Footpath Officer a couple of people have kindly volunteered to take on the role. Declan Williams and Elizabeth Malcolm both expressed an interest in taking on the vacancy and the Council RESOLVED to appoint both jointly as the Parish Footpath Officers reporting into the Parish Council. Clerk to action sending Declan and Elizabeth all the relevant information and parish maps. Clerk to action

6. Planning
6.1. The Council considered the following planning applications:
6.1.1. 172436 – Lyston Smithy, Wormelow, Hereford, Herefordshire HR2 8EL
Construction of an all weather area for horses to be exercised. This application had been resubmitted with the arena in the correct position on the map. The Council RESOLVED to support this application. Clerk to action
6.1.2. 172940 – The Trees, Orcop, Herefordshire, Application for approval of reserved matters following outline permission 161771 (Site for proposed replacement of a fire destroyed dwelling plus the erection of 2 dwellings (total 3 dwellings)). The Council RESOLVED to make no comment on this application, as it was a neighbouring parish.
6.1.3. 173291 – Rock Cottage, Llanwarne, Hereford, Herefordshire HR2 8JE
. Remove Yew tree. The Council RESOLVED to support this application. Clerk to action
6.2. The Council had noted the planning applications received and decisions made from Herefordshire Council since the last meeting

7. The Clerk updated the Council on the installation of the two defibrillators. Richard Craig to install one at bottom of steps at Llanwarne Village Hall. The other one to be installed at the Harewood End Inn – Clerk is meeting with Landlord to discuss where to position it. Clerk to speak to Richard Craig to find out when these will be installed. If additional advisory signage are required at the two locations to inform people where defibrillators are, Clerk to investigate cost and report back to Council. Clerk to contact Di Pearson from West Midlands Ambulance to arrange defibrillator training. Clerk to action

8. Finances
8.1. The Council noted the Barclays bank balance to be £2976.91 on 19/9/2017 and budget spend was reviewed and on track.
8.2. The Council RESOLVED to pay the following invoices, Clerk to action payment:
8.2.1. Terry Griffiths Lengthsman and P3 invoice TGC0136 £150+VAT, TGC0145 £250+VAT, TGC0148 £250+VAT, TGC0158 £135+VAT and TGC0161 £448+VAT = TOTAL £1233+VAT
8.3. The Council noted receipt of a VAT reclaim for £653.96.
8.4. The Council noted receipt of the 2nd precept payment of £4000.
8.5. The Council noted the direct debit set up for £35 payment of yearly fee of ICO Data Protection.
8.6. The Council RESOLVED to discuss the Parish Precept at the November meeting.
8.7. The Council noted the following financial risk:- Clerk had contacted Insurance Company to inform them that the Council have purchased two defibrillators and was waiting to hear back from them. Clerk to action following this up

9. The Council noted the Clerk’s information sheet.

10. The Council RESOLVED to consider the following agenda items at the next meeting – precept, Lengthsman Scheme discuss the powers the PC has, General Power of Competence and donation to Village Hall for defibrillator

11. The Council noted the date of the next meeting to be Thursday 16th November 2017 at 7.30pm

Meeting closed at 9pm.