Minutes of Ordinary Virtual Meeting 19th Nov 2020



Councillors Present: Cllrs Jason Pacey (Chair), Rosie Price, Paula Snow, Anthony Snell, Pat Roberts, James Roberts and Rick Guest (once he has been co-opted on – see item 2 below).

In attendance: Mrs Kate Hughes (Clerk), Elizabeth Malcolm (Parish Footpath Officer) and County Cllr Toni Fagan. There were no members of the public present.

1. Apologies were received from, Cllrs Bridget Samuel, Brian Goodwin, Gordon Price and Terry Griffiths (Parish Lengthsman).

2. Co-option – The Parish Council had received an enquiry from Rich Guest about the vacancy for Llanwarne Parish. The Parish Council accepted the request and Cllr Snow proposed that Rick Guest be co-opted on to the Parish Council for the parish of Llanwarne and Cllr R Price seconded. The meeting was held as a virtual one, therefore the Clerk had emailed Cllr Guest the Acceptance of Office form to sign and the Notice of Interest form to return to the Clerk. Clerk and Cllr Guest to action

3. Declaration of interests –
3.1. Cllr Price raised a declaration of interest on item 6 – Village Hall
3.2. Cllr Snell raised a declaration of interest on item 10.1.2 – Planning application

4. The minutes from the Ordinary meeting held on the following dates 30th January, 2nd July and 17th September 2020 were signed and adopted.

5. Open discussion
5.1. View from local residents: –
5.1.1. The Clerk updated the Council on: The Parish Council received a request from local residents in Tretire with Michaelchurch to look at the issue on the road by Michaelchurch Church. There are pots on the road but it has been covered with mud and silt after recent heavy rainfall and there are now pot holes in the mud. The Parish Council asked the Clerk to speak to Terry Griffiths and James Howell to look into this. Action Clerk to speak to TG and JH On behalf of the Pencoyd residents, Cllr Snell raised the issue of the Post Box disappearing by the Church in Pencoyd. Cllr Fagan said she would chase up with Royal Mail. Action Cllr Fagan
5.2. The Parish Council received a brief report from County Councillor Toni Fagan:
5.2.1. Cllr Fagan had sent a report to the Parish Council prior to attending the meeting. The following points were highlighted. Covid19 has taken over again. 100 cases per 1000 currently. There are issues at the Hospital. Vaccination roll-out programme to start in Dec in Herefordshire. Talk Community are busy again. Cllr Fagan has also sent the Clerk a list of links to support Mental Health, Stronger Towns Website and funding opportunities, Green Network PC Issue with Bird Flu again – Leominster in Herefordshire is a hot spot. Grant funding available for business during lockdown again. Cllr Fagan has sent the Councillors an update from David Hitchener.
5.3. The Parish Council noted that they had received reports via email from James Howell, Locality Steward, Balfour Beatty

6. Llanwarne Village Hall: Cllr Fagan updated the Parish Council on the following:
6.1. £52K funding has been raised so far.
6.2. The Village Hall need to raise £88K for installation and heating, replacement of windows upstairs and general repair and updating to the building
6.3. Energy audit completed
6.4. The Parish Council RESOLVED to hold a meeting between members of the PC, Village Hall Committee and Lynda Wilcox form HALC. Action Clerk to arrange meeting
6.5. The Parish Council asked the Clerk to contact Brampton Abbots PC and Dave Tristram to find out what they went through in regards to gaining funding for refurbishments to their Village Hall. Clerk to action

7. Lengthsman Scheme and P3 Footpath Scheme
7.1. The Council had received the following request from residents to look at the following issues on the footpaths below.
7.1.1. Elizabeth Malcolm, Parish Footpath Officer, raised the issue of the 3 stiles on the footpath between Llanwarne and Much Birch by Newcroft Farm, which had been reported early this year. They are still in need of repairing. The Council RESOLVED for the Clerk to email Cllr Fagan, James Howell and Terry Griffiths so they can discuss options of resolving the issues with the stiles. Clerk to action emailing TG, TF and JH
7.2. The Clerk had received a brief report from Terry Griffiths, Lengthsman, who was unable to attend, had been carrying out the usual maintenance work. Clerk with update Terry Griffiths on any defects raised in the minutes. Clerk to action
7.3. The Clerk had no further update to give the Parish Council on the Drainage Grant application. Clerk to chase. Clerk to action

8. The Council received an update on the following:
8.1. “No camping” sign for Village Car Park in Llanwarne: The Councillors RESOLVED to purchase a “No Camping” sign to put up at Llanwarne Car Park – A4 non-reflective sign. Clerk and Cllr Snow to action
8.2. Signs at Llandinabo: Clerk has contacted Highways England to see if any decision/guidance on these signs to be put on A49. Clerk to action chasing up again
8.3. Bus shelter on A49: Clerk had nothing further to report. Cllr Fagan offered to look into the funding for the bus shelter and report back. Cllr Fagan to action

9. Finances
9.1. The Council noted the bank balance to be the following on 16/11/20 – Current account £10,438.42 and saving account £4,523.67
9.2. The Council noted payment of the following invoices since last meeting:
9.2.1. Terry Griffiths TGC1227 £373.13+VAT Chq 100258
9.3. To consider payment of following invoices:
9.3.1. Clerks Salary Nov – £346.26 – Chq 100260
9.3.2. Herefordshire Council Elections Fee for June 2019 – £199.70 – Chq 100261
9.3.3. Autela Payroll Services Ltd inv 4815 £53.60+VAT – Chq 100262
9.3.4. Poppy wreath – £25 – Chq 100263
9.4. The Council RESOLVED to discuss the Precept budget for 2021/22 at the January meeting to finalise the figure.
9.5. The Council identified the following financial risks
9.5.1. The Council noted there were no financial risks.
9.5.2. The Council RESOLVED to review the Clerks salary at the January meeting. Clerk to forward the relevant information of NALC payscale. Clerk to action

10. Planning
10.1. The Council discussed the following planning applications:
10.1.1. Planning Application 203618 – Lovedee Barn, St Owens Cross, Hereford, Herefordshire HR2 8JX. Proposed garage. The Council RESOLVED to support this application. Clerk to action replying
10.1.2. Planning Application 203556 – School Field House, Pencoyd Rise, St Owens Cross, Hereford, Herefordshire HR2 8JU. Proposed single garage with an incorporated storage room and garden store. The Council RESOLVED to support this application. Clerk to action replying
10.1.3. Planning Application 203748 – Church House, Llanwarne, Hereford, Herefordshire HR2 8JE. Proposed erection of timber framed car port. New glazed entrance to house. New window to road facing elevation. Rooflight inside elevation. The Council RESOLVED to support this application but to ask applicant for a note of clarification of what will happen to the existing stone building. Clerk to action replying
10.2. The Council received an update from those Councillors who attended the Dhamma Dippa Zoom meeting where the Meditation Centre updated the Councillors on their future development plans. Clerk to share presentation with Councillors once received. Clerk to action
10.3. The Council noted the planning applications received from Herefordshire Council since the last

11. The Council noted the Clerk’s information sheet and any correspondence received.

12. The Council considered the following agenda items for next meeting: Precept, Llandinabo signs, dog poo bin.

13. To Council noted the date of the next meeting held on Thursday 21st January 2021 at 7.30pm via Microsoft Teams or Zoom Virtual Meeting or face to face – depending on COVID19 guidelines.

Meeting closed at 8.50pm.