Minutes of Ordinary Virtual Meeting 2nd July 2020

Mtg No: 165




Councillors Present: Cllrs Jason Pacey (Chair), Paula Snow and Rosie Price.

In attendance: Mrs Kate Hughes (Clerk) and County Cllr Toni Fagan. There were 1 members of the public present.

1. Apologies were received from, Cllrs Anthony Snell, Bridget Samuel, Brian Goodwin, Pat Roberts, James Roberts, Gordon Price and Terry Griffiths (Parish Lengthsman).

2. Co-option – There is still one vacancy on the Council at present but there were no co-options at the meeting. The Council asked the Clerk to put an advertisement in the local Parish Magazines to inform people there is a vacancy on the Parish Council. Clerk to action

3. Declaration of interests
3.1. There were no declarations of interest raised.

4. The minutes from the Ordinary meeting held on 30th January 2020 – the Council was not quorate so the minutes could not be signed and adopted. They will need to be adopted at the next meeting in September.

5. Open discussion
5.1. View from local residents: –
5.1.1. The Clerk updated the Council on: Residents of Llanwarne had informed the Parish Council of the problem with the Village Hall Car park and overnight campers and fly tipping. Clerk had reported the situation to the Neighbourhood Policing Team. The Council suggested that a “No Camping” sign be put up at the Village Car Park and a dummy CCTV camera. Clerk to action Clerk to investigate who owns the Car Park – is it the Parish Council? Clerk to action
5.2. The Parish Council received a brief report from County Councillor Toni Fagan:
5.2.1. Cllr Fagan had sent a July report to the Parish Council prior to attending the meeting. Clerk to put on to the website. Clerk to action
5.3. The Parish Council noted that they had received reports via email from James Howell, Locality Steward, Balfour Beatty

6. Lengthsman Scheme and P3 Footpath Scheme
6.1. The Council had received the following request from residents to look at the following issues on the footpaths below.
6.1.1. LW2 footpath through Littlefields to Hereford/Monmonth road – problems with stiles and footbridge. Cllr Fagan agreed to speak to James Howell to see what the latest status was on these defects. Cllr Fagan to action
6.1.2. LW18 footpath via fields through Jeremy Helme’s fields to A49/Axe and Cleaver Pub in Much Birch, some of the stiles need attention. Landowner to action
6.2. The Clerk had received a brief report from Terry Griffiths, Lengthsman, who was unable to attend, had been carrying out the usual maintenance work.

7. Planning
7.1. The Council discussed the following planning applications but could not make any resolutions:
7.1.1. Licensing application for Gillow Manor – Application for request of a license to produce and sell alcohol and play loud music 7 days a week for most days of the year. The Clerk had received correspondence from local residents about their concerns and objections to this license application and asked the Parish Council to support them in sending a representation. Clerk to action
7.2. The Council noted the planning applications received from Herefordshire Council since the last

8. Llanwarne Village Hall
8.1.1. Jeremy Helme gave an update to the Parish Council on the plans for development plans for refurbishing the Village Hall. The Village Hall Committee have been looking to raise money for the refurbishment of the hall via grants, donations, crowd-funding. There has been progress made on fund raising but always need more. The Council suggested that the Clerk clarify with HALC how the Parish Council can help support the fund raising or developments to the Hall. Clerk to action and update the Parish Council and Jeremy Helme. Clerk to action.

9. Finances
9.1. The Council reviewed the Internal Auditor’s report
9.2. The Council reviewed and completed the Certificate of Exemption form
9.3. The Council reviewed and completed the Audit Commission Governance Statement
9.4. The Council reviewed and adopted the 201/20 accounts and completed the Audit Commission Annual Return
9.5. The Council noted bank balance of Current Account 1/7/20 £9,514.25 and Savings Account 1/7/20 £4520.24 and budget spend was on track.
9.6. The Council noted receipt of 1st payment of precept – £4500
9.7. The Council RESOLVED to pay the following invoices:
9.7.1. The Council noted payment of the following invoices: Clerks Salary May £346.26 – Chq 100241 Came & Co Insurance – £364.96 – Chq 100242 Terry Griffiths Lengthsman TGC1057 £450 – Chq 100243 Eyelid Production Ltd Accessibility Upgrade £50 – Chq 100244 Clerks Salary June £346.26 – Chq 100245 Terry Griffiths Lengthsman TGC1096 & TGC1099 = £907.08 – Chq 100246 Herefordshire Council Elections Fee – £216.15 – Chq 100247
9.7.2. Microsoft 365 Annual Subscriptions – £59.99 – joint Chq 100249
9.7.3. Clerks Expenses 2019/20 – £34.87 – joint Chq 100249
9.7.4. Clerks Salary July £346.26 – Chq 100248
9.7.5. Autela Payroll Services Q1 – £60.24 – Chq 100250
9.7.6. Llanwarne Village Hall Hire 2019/2020 £87.50 – Chq 100251
9.8. The Council identified the following financial risks
9.8.1. The Council would like to set up Internet Banking so that payment can be made following bank mandate guidelines. Clerk to investigate other banking options besides Barclays. Clerk to action

10. The Council noted the Clerk’s information sheet and any correspondence received.
10.1. The Council also suggested to carry forward the actions from the January meeting to the September meeting as listed below:
10.1.1. Bus Shelter on A49 – The Clerk confirmed she had contacted Highways England and was waiting to hear back from them as to what the next procedure is. Funding could potentially be an issue. Cllr Fagan asked to be kept informed so that she can support the project where she can. Clerk to follow up
10.1.2. Village Hall Car Park ownership/Land Registry – Cllr Goodwin confirmed his son, who is a Solicitor, has looked into the ownership of the Village Hall Car Park with the Land Registry but the land is not on the register and therefore is not owned by anyone. It was suggested to speak to HALC and also the Church Commissioners to see what advice they can offer. Clerk to action
10.1.3. No right turn of the U71601 road – Clerk has received the following update from Balfour Beatty via James Howell, that a TRO would need to be raised. The Council RESOLVED to contact the Safer Partnership Team/Ian Connolly to look at this bit of road/junction along with the general speeding and the dangers posed on the B4338 at Broomy Court turning.
10.1.4. Clerk updated the Parish Council on the costs of the signs – they will cost approximately £250/£300 for the 2 signs, posts and clips. The Clerk has contacted the Highways England to ask about permission and is waiting to here back. Clerk to action following up
10.1.5. Clerk has spoken to Terry to ask him to look at the wall on the War Memorial – Clerk to check with Terry and report to Parish Council. Clerk to action

11. The Council considered the following agenda items for next meeting: see actions above.

12. To Council noted the date of the next meeting held on Thursday 17th September 2020 at 7.30pm at either Llanwarne Village Hall or via Microsoft Teams Virtual Meeting – depending on COVID19 guidelines.

Meeting closed at 8.15pm.