Cllrs J Honey (Chair), R West, F Davis, G Price, B Goodwin, Mrs B Samuel, Miss R Price, Jason Pacey and Mrs K Hughes (Clerk to Council)

IN ATTENDANCE: David Atkinson (BBLP Locality Steward), County Cllr David Harlow and 2 residents from Tretire with Michaelchurch Parish John and Kathy Handby

Prior to the start of the meeting the elected Councillors signed their Acceptance of Office forms. They also read the Code of Conduct and signed to say they had read it.

1. Election of Chairman. Cllr Frank Davis proposed that Cllr John Honey continue as Chairman for another year and Cllr Rosey Price seconded it. As there were no other proposals for Chairman, Cllr J Honey was re-elected. The Chairman signed the Declaration of acceptance of office of Chairman form.

2. Election of Vice Chairman. Cllr Frank Davis proposed that Cllr Robert West continues as Vice Chairman for another year and Cllr Jason Pacey seconded it. As there were no other proposals for Vice Chairman, Cllr R West was re-elected.

3. Election of other offices
3.1. Internal Auditor – Cllr Robert West proposed that Trevor Gregory continues as the Parish Council’s Internal Auditor and Cllr John Honey seconded it.
3.2. Representative on the Village Hall Management Committee – Cllr Robert West proposed that Cllr Rosey Price be the Village Hall Representative and Cllr F Davis seconded it
3.3. Footpaths Officer – Cllr Robert West proposed and Cllr Frank Davis seconded that Ray Whiley continues as Footpath Officer.

4. Co-option of Parish Councillors
4.1. It was proposed by Cllr Rosey Price that Gordon Price be co-optioned on to the Council to become Parish Councillor for Llanwarne Parish and seconded by Cllr Robert West. He signed the Acceptance of Office Form and signed to say he has read the Code of Conduct
4.2. It was proposed by Frank Davis that Brian Goodwin be co-optioned on to the Council to become Parish Councillor for Llandinabo Parish and seconded by Cllr Robert West. He signed the Acceptance of Office Form and signed to say he has read the Code of Conduct

5. Apologies
5.1. Apologies were received from Cllr J Roberts, Cllr Mrs P Roberts and Terry Griffiths (Lengthsman)

6. Declarations of Interest
6.1. The Councillors completed their Declaration of Interests Forms and returned to the Clerk. Clerk to action returning the forms back to the Electoral Office
6.1.1. Clerk to contact Cllrs James and Pat Roberts to receive their completed Declaration of Interest Forms, Acceptance of Office Forms and to read and sign the Code of Conduct booklet
6.2. The Chairman for item 10.4 – Clerk’s Salary, declared a declaration of interest. The Chairman signed the book.

7. Code of conduct
7.1. It was agreed to adopt the Herefordshire Council Code of Conduct with the amendment to Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (….. that you (‘leave the room and’……..(a) do not participate ….. ) on page 11, item 6. This is the copy the Councillors read and signed at start of meeting. Clerk to action emailing a copy to all Councillors.

8. Open Discussions
8.1. Report from West Mercia Police – There was no-one present from the Police. The Clerk had circulated on email the most recent Police report. Clerk to action emailing next year’s meetings dates to Police.
8.2. Report from County Cllr David Harlow – Cllr Harlow attended the meeting and introduced himself to the Council and attendees. He confirmed that the Police in Hereford South Rural are hoping to get new Police Officers. He also highlighted the importance of completing a Neighbour Development Plan.
8.3. Report from David Atkinson, BBLP Locality Steward
8.3.1. David confirmed that he has taken on extra Parishes and will be busier.
8.3.2. Residents from Tretire with Michaelchurch asked when the potholes on the roads in the parish would be repaired. Dave confirmed that he would chase up the work schedule for this area. Action Dave Atkinson
8.3.3. Residents from Tretire with Michaelchurch highlighted the recent accidents that had occurred at and hear to St Owens Cross crossroads and asked if the 40 mph speed limit signs could be moved further down the road. Dave confirmed that he would speak with Graham Hornsby (BBLP) about the matter. Action Dave Atkinson
8.4. Report from Terry Griffiths, Lengthsman – Terry was unable to attend the meeting but asked if the Council would agree for him to carry out 2 spring maintenance days around the group of parishes. The Council agreed to this. Clerk to action contacting Terry
8.5. Views from local Residents
8.5.1. The Clerk reported back that the bus shelter on the A49 had been looked at by Lengthsman and it was confirmed that it was in disrepair. Therefore, the Council agreed that they need to find out if the bus shelter is still being used by Parishioners. Clerk to action putting a notice on the bus shelter, on website and in the Parish Magazines. David Harlow agreed to find out the replacement cost of a bus shelter. David to action
8.5.2. The Clerk updated the Council on the LW4 footpath in Llanwarne. The legal line footpath has been re-opened and the footpath that had been used for many years remains blocked off. An application for a definitive map modification order has been submitted to Herefordshire Council but it will be some time before it is determined.
8.5.3. It was agreed that the Clerk put a list of the new Councillors and which Parish they represent in the Parish Magazine and on the Website plus how to contact them. Clerk to action.
8.5.4. It was agreed that the Clerk put in the Parish magazines and on the website a brief summary of the role of the Lengthsman and the Locality Steward. Clerk to action
8.5.5. It was agreed to include the reporting of potholes and other incidents along with the pothole categories on the website and in the Parish Magazine again. Clerk to action
8.5.6. It was brought to the Council’s attention that there is no village sign for Llandinabo sign on Laskett Lane. Clerk to ask Dave Atkinson about having a sign put up.
8.5.7. It was reported to the Council that the hedge opposite the village hall and Church belonging to Mr P Birchley is overgrown and protruding into the road. Clerk to speak to Dave Atkinson and Terry Griffiths to see what can be sorted out.

9. The minutes from the meeting held on 19th March 2015 were adopted and signed

10. Finances
10.1. It was agreed by the Parish Council to adopt the following
10.1.1. Financial Regulations. Clerk to email a copy to all Councillors
10.1.2. Risk Assessment. Clerk to email a copy to all Councillors
10.2. It was agreed to continue with the annual insurance payment Came & Co £265 (2nd year of 3 year deal) – Chq100112
10.3. It was agreed to adopt the accounts for 2014/15
10.3.1. The Audit Commission Annual Return and Annual Governance Statement was completed by the Council
10.4. It was agreed that the Clerk’s salary to be paid monthly: £273.30 per month (based on 7hrs per week) to include NDP work and £195.20 per month (based on 5hrs per week) without NDP work.
10.5. It was agreed for the Clerk to investigate PAYE and whether the Parish Council needs to be registered for PAYE
10.6. The bank balance was £4652.18 on 12th May and it was agreed that the following invoices be paid.
10.6.1. HALC membership £322.66 + VAT – Chq 100113
10.6.2. Mark Millmore Website design (Eyelid Productions) £520 – Chq 100114
10.6.3. Clerk Salary for May and June – £273.30 each Chq 100115 and Chq 100116
10.7. The following receipts were noted
10.7.1. VAT reclaim £635.51, received 18th March
10.7.2. 4th quarter Lengthsman Scheme £976.25
10.7.3. 1st instalment of Parish Precept £3500, received 17th April

11. Standing orders: The Standing Orders were reviewed and no changes needed to be made. They will be reviewed again during the year by the Council and amended when required.

12. Lengthsman Scheme
12.1. Clerk to submit maintenance budget after discussing it with Terry. Clerk to action
12.2. Clerk to find out more about P3 Footpath Scheme and report back at next meeting. Clerk to action.

13. Website
13.1. Cllrs R Price and J Pacey to review website and feedback to Clerk suggestions and amendments for the website so that it can be developed further. Action Cllr Pacey and Cllr Price
13.2. Clerk to organise a training meeting with Mark Millmore to include Cllrs R Price and J Pacey plus any other Councillors who are interested. Action Clerk
13.3. Councillors to provide Clerk with photos and content for the Website. Clerk to action gathering more content and photos to put on to the website i.e. Parish History, Parish Map, useful information and contacts. ACTIONS: Clerk and Councillors
13.4. It was AGREED that the Council need to explore ways of advertising and informing Parishioners about the website. Clerk to put on the agenda for next meeting. Clerk to action

14. Neighbourhood Development Plan

14.1. Cllr R West updated the Council that the Steering Group were at the stage of writing up a plan/report and were planning to have another meeting in June/July to review this. Less and less people are attending the NDP meetings so it is only a few individuals who are involved in this process currently.

15. Planning
15.1. The Council agreed to continue with the adopted policy for the Clerk commenting on planning applications between meetings. The Clerk to be given the power to comment on behalf of the Councillors on planning application between meetings. The Clerk to discuss the planning application with 2 other Councillors and ensure the Chairman is informed about all planning applications.
15.2. The planning applications that were received between the last Parish Council meeting on 19th March, were noted by the Councillors.

16. Dates for Parish Council meetings for next 12 months
16.1. It was agreed to continue meeting on the 3rd Thurs of the month in the following months Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov, totalling 6 meetings per year. 16th July, 17th Sept, 19th Nov, 21st Jan 2016, 17th Mar and 19th May (Annual Meeting). All meetings to start at 7.30pm unless otherwise informed by the Clerk. Action: Clerk to action circulating the new meeting dates to all Councillors and other regularly invited guests.

17. The Councillors noted the information sheet from the Clerk

18. The following items were proposed for the next meeting’s agenda
18.1. Faster Broadband
18.2. P3 Footpath

19. The date of next meeting is Thursday 17th July 2014 at 7pm at Llanwarne Village Hall