Minutes of the Ordinary Virtual Meeting 18th March 2021

Mtg No: 169



THURSDAY 18th MARCH 2021 AT 7.30PM

Councillors Present: Cllrs Jason Pacey (Chair), Rosie Price, Rick Guest, Pat Roberts and James Roberts.

In attendance: Mrs Kate Hughes (Clerk), Elizabeth Malcolm (Parish Footpath Officer) and County Cllr Toni Fagan. There were no members of the public present.

Guest Speaker: Andrew Nixon, Herefordshire Wildlife Trust

1. Apologies were received from, Cllrs Paula Snow, Anthony Snell, Bridget Samuel, Brian Goodwin, Gordon Price and Terry Griffiths (Parish Lengthsman).

2. Declaration of interests
2.1. Cllrs R Price and R Guest raised a declaration of interests on item 5 – Village Hall

3. The minutes from the Ordinary meeting held on 21st January 2021 were signed and adopted.

4. Guest Speaker: Andrew Nixon, Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, came to talk to the Parish Council and give them an update on our local waterways.
4.1. Andrew Nixon will walk along the Gamber Brook to be able to see what can be done to help with the flooding issues and feedback to the Council at a further meeting.
4.2. There will be restrictions on the waterways that landowners may not be aware of and Andrew will be able to assist the Parish Council understanding these.
4.3. Clerk to arrange a convenient date and time for Andrew to feedback to the Parish Council. Clerk to action

5. Flooding: Cllr Pacey updated the Council on the recent Flooding meetings that took place between members of Llangarron Parish Council, Llanwarne Parish Council, Llanwarne Church and local residents affected by the flooding.
5.1. A small group have met on two occasions. Rod Hawnt a retired Hydrologist has offered some of his time to review the Gamber and Garren brooks and assess the flooding issues. The walks along the brooks to assess the flooding issues will be voluntarily work. Rod Hawnt will be able to carry out further detailed assessment work, but some of this he will need to charge for.
5.2. The group will be looking into Legislation 19 as 3 or more properties have been flooded at one of the locations.
5.3. The Council RESOLVED for a Flooding Working Group to be set up and report back to the Parish Council.
5.4. Cllr Nigel Moore from Llangarron Parish Council is meeting with James Howell, Balfour Beatty Locality Steward to discuss the flooding issues.
5.5. Ward Cllrs T Fagan and E Swinglehurst are looking at what funding is available potentially from ANOB.

6. Llanwarne Village Hall:
6.1. Cllr Fagan, who is also a member of the Village Hall Committee, updated the Parish Council on the latest refurbishment project. The Committee has secured extra funding. They need to secure funding for the heating system for the rest of the building.
6.2. Cllr Fagan and Committee will cost up rest of funding.
6.3. Project Manager is Tom Green from Leaf Architecture.
6.4. Deferred request to Parish Council for funding until total costings have been sorted.
6.5. Cllr Fagan will give an update on the Village Hall Refurbishment project at the Annual Meeting in May.

7. Open discussion
7.1. View from local residents: –
7.1.1. There were none raised.

8. Reports
8.1. Clerks Report: Clerk reported that all actions from last meeting have been actioned.
8.2. Cllr Fagan’s Report:
8.2.1. Cllr Fagan reported that a litter pick had been completed on part of the A49 and 50 bags of litter had been collected.
8.2.2. Fly tipping of 3 fridges at Pencoyd had been reported and cleared up.
8.2.3. Trevase Farm poultry planning application – Cllr Fagan is keeping an eye on it. Pencoyd residents are concerned about it.
8.3. Parish Footpath Report, Lengthsman Scheme and P3 Footpath Scheme Report
8.4. The Council received a report from Elizabeth Malcolm, Parish Footpath Officer, on the following footpaths:
8.4.1. Reported to BBL stiles needing repair/replacement at two places on PC8 and another couple at PC7 Netherton.
8.4.2. Maintenance work completed on TM3, PC8 and PC3 with hedge trimmers and cutters to at least start the season off without brambles.
8.4.3. TM3 where it joins Gillow Lane the Steps need restoring. Clerk to check with Terry Griffiths
8.4.4. Also needing attention are the steps up to pedestrian gate on C1234 (Orcop road) to PC1 start. Needs severe cut back and steps restored. The latter worth doing now just as maintenance. Clerk to speak to Terry Griffiths
8.4.5. LW4 footpath in Llanwarne – unpleasant water on footpath, it is overgrown and unkept. Cllr Guest to speak to the Landowner.
8.4.6. The verge at Monkton place by the main road is getting overgrown and could do with a cut at junctions. Corners at by Llanwarne Court.
8.4.7. Council happy to trial 1 cut this year instead of 2 cuts.
8.5. Terry Griffiths has started the drainage grant work. Will keep the Parish Council updated.
8.6. There were no further updates from Terry Griffiths, Lengthsman. The Clerk to speak to Terry about the defects raised at the meeting. Clerk to action
8.7. There was one defect to report to James Howell, Locality Steward, Balfour Beatty – Clerk to ask James Howell to look at the drainage issue on the A466 road at Wallfield Farm and buildings. Clerk to action

9. Update on following:
9.1. Signs at Llandinabo – Clerk to chase up
9.2. Bus shelter on A49 – Clerk to chase up

10. Finances
10.1. The Council noted the bank balance to be the following on 15/3/21 – Current account £8,683.85 and saving account £4,523.89
10.2. The Council noted payment of the following invoices since last meeting:
10.2.1. Autela Payroll Services Invoice 5360 – £49.09+VAT – Chq 100268
10.3. The Council RESOLVED to pay the following invoices:
10.3.1. Clerks Salary for March – Chq100269
10.3.2. HALC subscriptions 2021/22 Invoice H1253 – £432.47+VAT – Chq 100270
10.4. The Council noted there were no financial risks.
10.4.1. The Council RESOLVED to review the Clerks salary and agreed to the hourly pay increase as per the NALC payscale levels.

11. Planning
11.1. The Council discussed the following planning applications:
11.1.1. Application 210025 – Land at South Herefordshire Kennels. Permission in principle for 2-9 dewellings and treatment plant. The Council RESOLVED to object to the planning application for the following reasons – they had concerns with the increase in the volume of traffic, the access for vehicles on to the road is narrow and concerns with drainage and septic tank. Clerk to action
11.2. The Council noted the planning applications received from Herefordshire Council since the last

12. The Council noted the Clerk’s information sheet and any correspondence received.

13. The Council considered the following agenda items for next meeting: Update from Andrew Nixon to talk about conservation and wildlife along the Gamber Brook. Annual meetings

14. To Council noted the date of the next meeting held on Thursday 20th May 2021 at 7.30pm via Microsoft Teams or face to face – depending on COVID19 guidelines.

Meeting closed at 9.20pm.