Reporting of Pot Holes and other road defects

Reporting of pot holes and other road defects in the parishes of Llanwarne, Pencoyd, Llandinabo, Harewood, Tretire with Michaelchurch

pot-holesOur Balfour Beatty Locality Steward, Dave Atkinson, informed the Parish Council of the new way of logging potholes, issues with drains and gulleys on the Herefordshire Council Website.

Login onto and type into the search box “Report a Pothole” and follow the instructions. There is also a map you can look at where potholes or other defects have been reported plus each pothole defect has a job number, which you can then use to follow it up. The potholes will be categorised by urgency of repair, therefore, it will depend on the size, depth and location of the pothole whether is will be done within 24hrs, 28 days or within a 3 month maintenance schedule.

Please help us keep our roads well maintained.