Ross-On-Wye Town And Rural Police Bulletin

(06/05/2015 to 21/05/2015) No. 98

An appeal from our colleagues over the border in gwent.
Police are appealing for information following a burglary at a farm in the Dingestow area of Monmouth.

It’s believed the burglary occurred some time between Wednesday April 22nd and Monday April 27th. Its believed a number of items were stolen among them a 12 bore shotgun and cartridges.

If anyone has any information, has been offered a shotgun for sale or saw any suspicious activity in the area they are asked to call Gwent Police on 101 quoting log number 132 28/4/15

Crime Trends

Llangrove- Vehicle Crime
A car that had been left unlocked on the driveway of a property in Llangrove, has had items stolen from within.
Between 21:30hrs 7th May and 08:00hrs 8th May, stolen items include a set of golf clubs in a blue bag, a black canvas bag containing golf shoes and golf balls. OIS:398-S-080515

Symonds Yat – Theft
A business based in Ross on Wye reported to Police that a canoe that was hired out has been stolen from its mooring at Symonds Yat. Owner adamant stolen rather than gone adrift as the person hiring the canoe had secured it tightly using the equipment provided. Approximate cost of the canoe £800, a Man River 167. OIS:0111-S-110515

Whitchurch/Goodrich area – Theft
A Business premise in the Whitchurch area reported that overnight 12th/13th May approximately 350 litres of fuel has been stolen from 2 vehicles parked up. Value approximately £450. This is the second time within the last couple of weeks. OIS:203-S-130515

Aldi Store, Ross Town – Theft
A male entered Aldi store on 12th May and stole items including beer and biscuits. Male is known to staff and CCTV at the location. OIS: 0651-S-120515

Alton Road Industrial Estate – Criminal Damage
A lorry parked up overnight outside “Wynnstay” company has had the cab spray painted overnight. Driver awoke to find lines and zigzags sprayed all over the cab. CCTV in the area enquiries ongoing. OIS:0046-S-200515

Morrisons Store, Ross Town – Theft
Morrisons have reported a large theft of Bells Whisky. Staff were alerted when a large gap appeared in their stock. CCTV checked and Theft captured. Enquiries ongoing. OIS: 0602-S-190515

Toy Box, Ross Town – Theft
A male and female were caught shoplifting in the above shop on Monday 18th May. Store assistant detained them but they made off from the store. Unknown what goods were stolen. Enquiries ongoing. OIS: 0379-S-180515

Morrisons Store – Suspicious Circumstances
Morrisons apprehended a would be shoplifter in store. Male was detained and arrested for Assault and Theft. OIS: 0074-S-190515

Burglaries – Dwellings and Outbuildings

Llangarron – Burglary
An outbuilding belonging to a remote property in Llangarron was entered and items stolen from within. Persons unknown have broken a door panel to gain entry into the building. Items stolen include a “Hayter” lawnmower and a petrol drum containing approximately 4 gallons of unleaded petrol. OIS: 0196-S-070515

Whitchurch- Burglary
A shed in the rear garden of a property in Whitchurch has been broken in to and items stolen. Between 20:00hrs-09:00hrs 7th/8th May. Padlock has been removed and damage caused to the door. Items stolen include a hedge trimmer, brush cutter/strimmer and a “Tom Tom” sat nav. OIS:0172-S-080515

Ledbury Road/A40,Ross – Burglary
A farm on the outskirts of Ross Town had an outbuilding broken in to. Offence occurred between 21:00hrs Thursday 14th May and 17:00 Friday 15th May.
Offender has gained entry by prising a window then breaking through an internal door in to the workshop. Items stolen include power tools, Dewalt drill ,nail guns plus a lap top Mac book pro. OIS:0494-S-150515

BP Garage/A40
A vehicle made off from the petrol station without payment. Driver seen to be swerving and hitting kerbs etc. Police notified. A member of public who pulled in behind the vehicle was assaulted by the occupant. A male hit the member of public with an iron bar which resulted in a head injury. Police pursuit followed which resulted in the vehicle being stopped and male arrested. It was discovered male was a disqualified driver and the vehicle had a quantity of drugs on board.
Another good result from our pursuit drivers! OIS:0623-S-190515

Suspicious Incidents

Grammer School Close, Ross Town- Suspicious Circs
A visitor at a property in Grammer School Close reported that at 23:30 hours on 12th May, he went to leave the house and an unknown male was in the garden of the property. When challenged male stated he was looking at some tins of paint that were in the garden as he thought they may of some use to him. He then ran off down a nearby alley. Police conducted an area search but did not locate the male. He is described as a white male in his 30’s of thin build wearing jeans and a dark coloured top. It is not known what the males intentions were. OIS: 0713-S-120515

Mount Pleasant, Ross Town – Suspicious Circumstances
A resident in Mount Pleasant reported to Police seeing to local males hanging about in the area. Males known to person reporting and concerned as there have been a number of thefts in the area recently. Reported in case any thefts occurred during that time frame. OIS:0654-S-190515

Suspicious Vehicles

Much Marcle – Suspicious Circs
A resident in Much Marcle reported to Police that a white Ford Transit van was in the area and driving slowly looking into properties. Registration number taken and Police stopped the vehicle and obtained the occupants details. It appears the 2 males were Eastern European scrap dealers from the Midlands. They had the required documentation and could account for the items within the van. That said it does not mean that they were legitimately going about their business and could have been looking to steal items.

Intel report submitted.
This is an excellent example of action taken as a result of a member of public not only passing information but giving the registration number also. OIS: 0315-S-090515

Weir End, A40
Whilst on patrol on the A40 a traffic officer noticed a vehicle with occupant not wearing a seatbelt. He headed over to speak with driver who then made off at speed. A pursuit followed travelling over the border into Gwent area. Vehicle was eventually stopped and stolen petrol strimmers were discovered on board, which had just been stolen from Glewstone. 2 males from the Gwent area were arrested.
An excellent outcome! OIS:0043-S-200515

The Registered Keeper of vehicles seen in unexplained circumstances will be written to in most situations. Where we can, if we get a response we will update the informant accordingly.

IMPORTANT – In reading this, you understand and agree that any vehicle registration numbers given may belong to members of the public going about their lawful business and no inference expressed or implied should be taken that the vehicle and or its occupants have committed any offence UNLESS otherwise specifically stated by the author of this update.

It is this kind of information that we are keen public call in with. We have thefts and burglaries occurring in our area and quite often the offenders will have been in the area having a look what is around prior to the theft/burglary occurring. We encourage you to call in with registrations or at the time you see a person/vehicle acting suspiciously so we can attend and check out who they are and what they are doing in the area etc.

We encourage public to call if they see Poachers out and about as we like to obtain their details and where offences have occurred seize equipment involved and prosecute. We have had some good recent prosecution results of Poachers.
We also have a strong suspicion that whilst these individuals are out in the rural areas poaching/lamping they are also having a good look at what is around and may be linked to rural thefts/burglaries.


• A 39 year old male was arrested 6th May for burglary. He was detained for Court on warrant.
• A 17 year old female was arrested on 12th May for Assault ABH. She was bailed to the Police Station.
• A 60 year old male was arrested 10th May for Assault GBH. He was bailed to the Police Station.
• A 44 year old male was arrested 13th May for Theft.
• A 38 year old male was arrested 13th May on warrant for failed to appear.

Attention horse owners/livery yards/stables
The West Mercia Horse Watch group now have available some all weather signs suitable for placing on gates and posts.
We would be grateful if you can pass this information on to your communities when you are out and about or any livery yards / riding stables etc that may also benefit.
The details of how to obtain them (along with pictures) are on the FB site (West Mercia Horse Watch) or if you prefer, they can be sent to you direct for collection by the mop. All we ask is that they provide their contact details to join up to the group.

This is the post on the FB site:
They are free of charge, however if you wish to receive one, all we ask is you message me with your yard details, name, address and tel number. We will pass this information to your local police team who will be aware of your support to the scheme and we ask that you send a stamped addressed envelope, I will pm you the address, we are non funded so have no funds for postage.
If anyone has any queries please get in touch with any of the HW team.

Tips to nip garden crime in the bud!

Easy pickings?
Although many people take steps to protect their homes and the property inside
them, they leave valuable equipment in gardens and unsecured sheds, providing
easy pickings for opportunist thieves.
Around 3000 shed burglaries take place every year within Warwickshire and West
Mercia, which highlights the importance of storing valuable items securely.
Follow these tips to find out how you can ‘weed out’ garden thieves.

Defensive planting … nature’s way of beating the burglar
‘Defensive planting’ is the term used to describe the way you can use certain prickly
plants, bushes and shrubs to deter burglars.
Here are a few examples:

• Berberis – a vibrant shrub with vivid red leaves, has sharp spine-like prickles, reaches 6ft, good for hedging and growing by walls.
• Rosa Rugosa “Rubra” – a flowering shrub with densely prickled stems, can reach 6ft, excellent as an impenetrable hedge.
• Pyracantha – a vigorous evergreen shrub with white flowers in May, followed by orange or red berries, great for hedging, growing under windows or around doorways.
• Holly – usually grown as a small tree or large bush, can reach up to 50ft, spiny, glossy dark green leaves all year round, excellent hedging plant.

Don’t give thieves ‘shedloads’ of opportunities!
Most garden sheds are not designed for safe storage. Ideally, expensive items such as power tools, mowers, garden tools, bicycles and golf clubs should not be stored in them. However, if you have no alternative, here are some shed security tips:

• Keep your shed in good condition
• Fit a closed shackle padlock to the door.
• Fittings should be bolted through the door and any screws concealed
• Fit grilles or mesh to the windows
• Invest in an alarm

Once you’ve improved the physical security of your shed, it is important to make everything inside it secure. Tools and equipment could be used to force entry into your home, causing you even more expense and hassle. Make sure:

• Large items such as bicycles are chained together. It is much more difficult for a thief to carry away a lot of large heavy items all at once
• Ladders are locked to a secure fixture in the shed or garage so they cannot be used to reach top floor windows of your house Your valuables should be marked
with your postcode.

Top tips for a safer garden:

• Gates, fences and walls should be kept in good repair to stop intruders getting in
• Grow prickly plants close to vulnerable areas such as windows, fences, boundary walls and drainpipes
• Don’t leave expensive equipment like garden tools, mowers, mountain bikes and power tools in the shed
• If you have nowhere else to store valuable equipment, take measures to secure your shed
• Don’t leave ladders and tools lying around in your garden – these could be used to break into your home
• Mark your garden tools and equipment with your postcode

Let there be light!
Well positioned external lighting is a great way of keeping intruders at bay and can be purchased from most large DIY stores.

Location, location, location!
Think about using defensive planting around vulnerable areas such as:

• Windows
• Boundary walls
• Fences • Drainpipes

Protecting your boundaries
The boundaries of your property are your first line of defence against burglars. Strong gates, fences and walls which are kept in good repair can deter intruders from getting to the back and sides of your property.
Make sure:

• Rear garden fences are high enough to make climbing them difficult. A trellis can be used to add additional height
• Side gates are positioned as close to the front of the house as possible. Thieves will be put off by the fact that they are in full view of the neighbours
• Gates are kept locked at all times

Cold Calling
Trading Standards are advising residents to be on their guard against cold callers offering to sell power tools including chainsaws and generators on the doorstep. These items may seem like a bargain but are usually counterfeit and extremely dangerous. Trading Standards would always recommend that these types of products are bought from reputable sources.

Trading Standards would like to reiterate previous advice – don’t deal with cold callers.

If you have been approached recently, have received a flyer or have any information please contact Trading Standards via the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 04 05 06 or contact West Mercia Police on 101.

For general advice on consumer issues visit

Scam Advice (rugby world cup 2015)

Action Fraud, together with the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and the City of London Police, are working in partnership with Rugby World Cup 2015 organisers to disrupt those entities seeking to sell Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets without permission from the official provider.

We would like rugby fans and the general public to be aware that they should only purchase tickets from official sources and avoid being scammed.

Purchase tickets from an official source and avoid losing your money.

• England Rugby 2015 Limited (“ER2015”) is the organising committee of Rugby World Cup 2015, due to take place in England and Cardiff from 18 September 2015 until 31 October        2015. Rugby World Cup Limited (“RWCL”) is the Tournament owner of Rugby World Cup 2015.
• RWCL/ER2015 wants to ensure that the public is not misled, by unauthorised ticket sellers, into believing they have purchased genuine Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets.

Where can you buy official match tickets?

• Tickets for the general public may only be purchased from ER2015 via official website at:

Where can you buy Official ticket-inclusive hospitality packages?

• These can only be purchased through the official hospitality programme, operated by Rugby Travel & Hospitality Ltd (“RTH”) at
Where can you buy Official ticket-inclusive Supporter Tours (i.e. travel packages)?
• RTH has appointed a number of Official Travel Agents (“OTAs”) from across the globe to provide official Rugby World Cup ticket-inclusive supporter tours and a list of such OTAs is available at:

How do you ensure that you are buying Rugby World Cup 2015 match tickets, supporter tours or hospitality packages from an official channel?

• To check whether a company or a certain website is an official Rugby World Cup 2015 channel, use the ‘Official Checker’ tool which is located at www.rugbyworldcup/buyofficial
Can you buy official Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets, supporter tours or hospitality packages elsewhere, other than as outlined above?
• There is no guarantee that Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets (and/or ticket inclusive packages) purchased from any source other than RWCL, ER2015, RTH (or those listed above) are genuine tickets (and/or ticket-inclusive packages).
• Fans who purchase tickets and/or ticket-inclusive packages from unauthorised sellers run the risk of paying over the odds for a non-existent ticket, ending up disappointed by not getting to see the match they paid to see, and risk having their personal and credit card details stolen for use in other crimes.
Points to note about unauthorised activity:
• It has been shown from the 2012 Olympics and other major events in the UK that ticket touts are often linked with other forms of criminality.
• The unauthorised sale, or offer for sale, of Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets (and/or ticket-inclusive packages) may constitute an infringement of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 or Fraud.
• All official Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets are subject to ER2015’s ticket terms and conditions, located at:
• Tickets are STRICTLY NON-TRANSFERABLE and MUST NOT BE SOLD OR OFFERED, EXPOSED OR MADE AVAILABLE FOR SALE, OR TRANSFERRED OR OTHERWISE DISPOSED. ER2015 reserves the right to cancel without refund any tickets which ER2015 reasonably believes have been or are intended to be resold, offered, exposed or made available for sale, or transferred or otherwise disposed in breach of the ticketing terms and conditions.
• Any person attempting to use Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets which have been resold in breach of the ticket terms and conditions risks being refused entry to or ejected from the relevant match venue.
How do I report unauthorised use of Rugby World Cup assets?
• To report the sale of unauthorised general public tickets, please contact ER2015 at
• To report the sale of counterfeit Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets or the unauthorised sale of ticket-inclusive supporter tour/hospitality packages, please contact

Action Fraud will be replicating this alert on a regular basis, leading up to the 2015 Rugby World Cup to prevent members of the community being affected by this type/similar fraud. Please bear with us until September 2015.
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Special Constabulary
West Mercia Police is currently searching for a special kind of person to help us in the policing of your local community. Today, more than ever, we need everyone’s help. Why not give us yours in the most direct and practical way of all – by joining us as a Special Constable volunteer.

Special Constable Recruitment

• Do you like being involved with people?
• Are you looking for voluntary work?
• Would you enjoy working as a responsible and respected member of a well-organised team?

Application Process
We are looking for special constables within West Mercia Police to make a minimum 2 years commitment to the role where possible.
For details of the eligibility criteria, recruitment process, assessment process and medical requirements please review the guidance documents on the website
If you wish to express an interest in applying, please download an application form from the West Mercia Police website
Please email the completed application form to or alternatively if you require any further information on the special recruitment process please contact us on 01905 331433.

Dot Mailer – Dynamic Police Updates
(This is Neighbourhood Watch information for your area)

If you wish to register in order to receive information ‘hot off the press’ while it is still relevant, rather than wait for the ‘round up’ on the Police Bulletin, then please read on……The Dot Mailer system can be found on the West Mercia web site.

If anyone should wish to sign up to this, please follow the instructions below

• Go on to the West Mercia Internet site
• Click grey “get involved” tab
• Click on ‘watch schemes’ tab, and scroll down to “sign up for email alerts”
• Complete sign up details and tick relevant area, i.e. Herefordshire South/ rural watch
• Click on orange “subscribe” box.

****New NHW Co ordinator Post****

I would like to update you on a new initiative that your local Police, in Herefordshire, are undertaking. The initiative is the employment of a dedicated Watch Scheme Coordinator. This new post has been possible because of a ground breaking partnership with Ross on Wye NFU Mutual and has been funded by West Mercia Police, Police and Crime Commissioner’s Rural Crime Fund. Mr Paul Crumpton is the new Watch Coordinator. He can be contacted by email at or by telephone on 01905 727402 or through our switchboard on 101 extension 67102. Please contact him if you are currently in a Watch Scheme, interested in starting one or just want some more information before making a decision.

Paul’s role is to work with all the various communities and businesses across Herefordshire to help them develop a ‘Watch Scheme’ that meets their needs and helps them better protect themselves and their belongings. He will be working with your local Safer Neighbourhood Teams to help them develop schemes and coming to community events to explain what his role is over the coming months.

Many thanks

Robert Barnett – Police Inspector 3499
Geographical Commander – Herefordshire Rural.
(including Bromyard, Golden Valley, Kington, Ledbury, Leominster, Peterchurch and Ross-on-Wye)
Herefordshire Policing Area
West Mercia and Warwickshire Police

DDI 01432 347431 (int 4431)

Ross Front Counter

Please be aware that Ross-on-Wye Police Station no longer has a Front Counter service – The nearest public front counter is Hereford Bath Street

Please dial 101 to report a non emergency incident
Always dial 999 for emergencies

Ross on Wye Safer Neighbourhood Team


Sgt 1169 Dan Pilkington
PC 3202 Richard Barradale-Smith
PCSO 7131 Lisa Austin
PCSO 6212 Kirsten Bowkett (currently on Maternity Leave)
Tel: 0300 333 3000 ext: 4410 / 4411 / 4403