Ward Councillors Report March 2016

Llanwarne Parish council
Ward member report, March 2016

Dhamma Dipa
On 8th March I visited Dhamma Dipa with three of the local Parish council and a local resident – David Snow. We were shown the site and the location of the proposed new buildings although we were not allowed to visit other buildings due to a meditation course being in progress. Local residents are strongly of the opinion that the site has expanded to such an extent that it is now having serious implications for the villagers (particularly with regard to the local road network). I will be meeting with the planning department to raise some of these concerns in light of planning applications recently submitted.

Neighbourhood development plan
• I note that Llanwarne have decided not to proceed with an NDP and will now be included within the Rural Area Site Allocation DPD – this document will be produced by Herefordshire Council and consultation will be undertaken with the parish council and local community in line with the Statement of Community Involvement.

Roads – City Link road.
Most of the preparation for building this road is coming to an end and procurement of the main contractor will be concluded during February. Several contractors have shown interest and we are hopeful of a competitive tender to build this project. Considerable amounts of Asbestos has been found and disposed during the course of preparing the site. We hope to see completion of this road link Mid-summer 2017.
Hereford Bypass

The original draft proposals looked at a potential corridor for the Hereford Relief road from the A49 in the south, going west of the city to the A49 in the north, and consideration to continue to the A4103 Worcester road. This corridor is subject to route selection in phases in conjunction with all statutory partners.
The first phase is the South Wye link from the A49 south to the A465 Abergavenny road, which should be subject to a planning application in March 16. Over the last couple of months and following the first planning consultation, some additional work has been required to deal with issues raised by a statutory consultee. Having satisfied these concerns a further consultation period will follow ahead of the planning application coming to Planning committee.

The route selection went through a comprehensive process and consultation which enabled a successful bid for funding to build the road and do some additional sustainable travel options in and around Belmont. Subject to normal processes and procedures, phase 1 of the relief road (South Wye Link) will begin once planning is approved.

The process for the further sections of the HRR are in place and a considerable amount of work will be required for route selection within the corridor, archaeology and preparation of plans for consultation and adoption, and ensuring all funding opportunities through the many channels open to us, are pursued.
It must be stressed that Herefordshire has adopted the Core Strategy after years of consultation. The Western Relief Road is adopted as part of that strategy because it opens up the infrastructure to allow the strategic housing sites to be built out and sends a message to business that Herefordshire Council will support business growth by having infrastructure in place to get in, out and around Hereford.

To support our priorities of adult and children wellbeing and economic growth, this county must invest in the minimum requirement of a bypass for the city to unlock the potential for housing and business opportunity to raise our income level to support the priorities.