Report July 2015

Ward Councillor’s Report

Ward member report, July 2015
Apologies first of all for my absence from the meeting, this meeting clashes with the Wye Valley NHS trust AGM.

Core strategy & Neighbourhood development plan
Following recent comments from HM government regarding wind power, the core strategy needs to be revised locally. A modified Core Strategy then requires approval at cabinet for recommendation to Full Council.

At the time of writing we anticipate a full Council meeting to debate this in September.

As soon as the Core Strategy is passed at full council it becomes the planning document for all applications to be judged against in tandem with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). It also paves the way for adopting the Neighbourhood plans when they are accepted by local communities at local referendum.

Having a neighbourhood development plan is the best way for parishes to influence where new homes are to be built. There is a team at H.C.C headed by Samantha Banks who are there to help you – if you need any help from me then I will happily assist.

I met with Samantha on 22.06 and the file she has on Llanwarne shows an estimation that the parish will need to build approx. 22 homes over the next 15 years to satisfy the targets (3 already committed.

I can happily share the Welsh Newton NDP if you need help as it is a good thorough example.

Bus stop on A49 (response from Alan Lewis – Passenger Transport manager HCC)
Regarding a replacement shelter these normally cost in the region of £8000, however the final figure depends on the type of structure and if any remedial repairs are needed to paving etc around the site. If requested by a Parish Council they would normally be expected to contribute 25% towards the total cost. Should you wish to proceed this would need to be in the 16/17 budget year.

Fastershire (taken from their web site)
We’re still working to bring faster speeds to as many properties as possible across Area 1 (most Llanwarne group properties) and now expect the roll out of fibre broadband to be completed by the end of September 2015. We’ve faced a variety of challenges rolling out fibre to many of the rural communities in this area. Further work to ensure all premises have the capability to access faster broadband with a minimum of 2Mbps is expected to be completed by December 2016.

Herefordshire Council Budget Outturn 2014/15
Herefordshire Council has delivered a significant underspend for the second year running in continuing challenging financial circumstances.
The council’s financial outturn report for 2014/15, shows incredibly positive results with delivered savings of £15million on a very challenging budget. The report also shows a substantial underspend of £600,000, which was in line with the forecasts for the financial year.

There is still a further saving of £10million needed for this financial year and robust plans are in place to successfully achieve this without any significant impact on the quality of services that residents receive. Alongside this, the council has also increased its financial reserves, which has provided additional financial stability.

Community first responder scheme
I attended a presentation recently given by the West Midlands ambulance service and they are keen to push the community first responder scheme, particularly in rural areas such as ours. (Could we have an emergency kit in the proposed community shop on A49 for example?)

Community First Responder Schemes are teams of volunteers who are trained by the Ambulance Service to a nationally recognised level and provide life saving treatment to people in their local communities. Community First Responders are always backed up with the nearest available emergency ambulance.

Thorough training is given and having someone trained in first aid on the scene of an accident within a couple of minutes might make a crucial difference. I am going to try and organise some training locally and will be pushing this scheme with each of the parish councils on my ward. (This might be something that could be incorporated into the proposed new community shop on the A49)
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